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Angelina Jolie

Updated: May 22, 2021

a rebel for unique individuality, drawing into her magnetic-search-of-true-self vortex millions of others...

The EA exploration of a progressively expanding circles of Angelina from antisocial outsider to actor to celebrity to UN Ambassador and special Envoy to Film Director to global Diva and larger than life personality!

freedom to believe in oneself

“There’s something about death that is comforting. The thought you could die tomorrow frees you to appreciate your life now.” “I’m probably the least morbid person. I’ve kind of discovered that if I think about death much more than some people have, it’s probably because I love life more than those people.”



Pluto 3rd House Libra, South Node(SN) & it’s ruler Mercury Rx 11th House Gemini

From the generational perspective of Libra-Soul, the new evolutionary cycle is underway. Angelina has been learning to develop objective self-awareness and understand her sense of individuality in a social context in order to broaden her connections with the immediate environment and thus to herself, objectively learning who she is.

From the early age she was aware of her unique individuality and she didn’t try to hide it (2nd Individuated state of consciousness). In fact, she was actively searching for signs of her uniqueness, as finding her true individuality was possible only through objectively proven facts about her differentiation from anybody else. And having found what she thought was her unique characteristics, Angelina was very protective about it, ready to fight for her truly earned individuality. Her mind was focused on this non-stop (Mercury Rx), perhaps not noticing other signals universe was trying to throw her way. The adolescent ‘Argonauts Odyssey’ got her changing her looks and style in an act of rebellion, to be seen as outstanding non-conformist.

She has been learning the lessons of equality, relativity and objective listening, to expand on her own ideas and concepts. Whatever was objectified at the ‘inner round table’ became a qualified part of her logical web of understanding. Angelina has been learning to give people what they need according to people's perceptions by sharing with them her own understanding of the world around, which turned out quite difficult, as her own objectified thoughts were usually light years away from people’s common range of how to think, communication style, and what to talk about. That didn’t bother Angelina too much, as she realized everybody is different by design (2nd Individuated), but that wasn’t the case for people around. Eventually she was quite alienated and felt pretty much alone, not understood. She was learning how to participate in relationships as an equal and build rapport with a wide variety of people, giving her exposure to different personalities, characters with various thinking patterns, behavioral demeanors and ideas, to see also where she belongs. In these relationships she was learning about her own individuality through comparison and evaluation. By most part the comparison concluded with ‘I am not like her’, ‘I have more of what he has’ and ‘I would do this thing another way’. The fundamental Lesson was how to establish healthy communication flows in relationships, without compromising her individuality. Libra-Soul was ready to relate with others on equal basis, while maintaining her individual self.

So the compulsion was to be involved with others and exchange thoughts and ideas on a very liberal free basis in order to keep herself intact. The need was rooted in the desire to complete herself through others, while not coercing the core part of herself. Underlying emotional security is rooted in relationships with constant communication, cool in demeanor & electrifying (11H), and rather argumentative. Lack of relationships, or a communication ‘continuum interruptus’ raised insecurity deep inside. However, relating to the immediate environment wasn’t easy at all, as Uranus in 4H Libra, the ruler of South Node(SN) by House, has carried the mental trauma from socializing in the past, suffering from alienation in the native land, which resulted in distancing away from people with her

self-perceived anti-social ego. Squaring the AC-DC horizon, Uranus has only added unexpected irrational behaviour to otherwise simple situations, an

always-unknown-emotional-reactivity factor, impossible to calculate in advance in social occasions. Somehow feeling that there must be more to her instinctual reactions to people (Venus last quarter square Uranus), and sometimes wanting just to connect emotionally with another, but feeling the unbridgeable distance, further alienated Angelina from others in her immediate environment and triggered the crisis in consciousness – something needs to change.

Eventually, in order to know how to relate to a person, she would listen attentively and objectively in order to know how to approach and which wavelength to transmit on, to be equal. She might have worked out her unique classification of personality types and communication styles in order to feel emotionally secure and bypass any conformities and social conditioning, while at the same time searching for social circles where she naturally belongs. The intense curiosity attracted her to different kinds of people, while attempting to penetrate their mental boundaries, which helped her to understand how they logically organize their world and therefore bypass or negate alienation, their mental objections or passive aggression. These encounters and a feedback from others helped her, by mirroring effect, to form up the idea of who she is as a person. Understanding people to protect her freedom, avoid alienation and find where she naturally belongs was her prime underlying theme in life.

By exposing herself to various personality types she learned about the relativity of human nature; however, by getting involved in many kinds of relationships, Angelina might have occasionally lost sight of her own unique individuality, authentic thoughts and ideas. Instead, she became like a revolving door of opinions on various aspects of human existence. When she felt like this, Angelina was closing the mental gates of curiosity and turning inside (Mercury Rx).

This life was about understanding her unique qualities, as she saw it, in larger and larger circles (Pluto 3H, and North Node conjunct Neptune in Sag & Jupiter on MC), expanding from the core of herself, and broadcasting these qualities far and wide. Her intellectual understanding of who she was, compared to who she is now gave her push to keep growing. ‘Knowing’ this ever-expanding world gave Angelina so needed peace of mind. On the other hand, this intellectual foundation was based upon who she was and her self-views at the time being. Any significant winds of change she endured in life occasionally blew these views away, and with it the entire foundation upon which to base her objective observations about people and herself. Walking in shifting sands of

ever-changing mental landscape eventually has sharpen the panorama of her objective understanding of the world around and made her worldview more inclusive. That didn’t happen without a few major cataclysms, of course, which shaped up the story of her life.

Her breakthrough movie “Gia” was a ‘writing on a wall’ and a dare warning sign for her if she would identify with the bohemian lifestyle and its conditioning (her back then logical organization of life). In that movie she totally identified with the main character Gia, and the intellectual implosion followed with the entire logical structure disintegrated, leaving her emotional security crippled so much, that she couldn’t perform anymore (for a long period, leaving the stage saying just

‘I have nothing else to give’), divorced her first husband and moved to another location, crossing the entire continent from CA to NY. The inner emotional collapse was total, as the mitigating factors affecting those inner implosions strongly contributed to the degree of intensity of the cataclysm – SN and ruler of SN Mercury Rx in Gemini (triggered by instigator Pluto in 3rd). Saturn in 12H(the House of endings) set off disillusionment moods, resulting in two planned suicide attempts. The natural instinct won, but in the final analysis that was her way to write off the past. Having said that, the waning Trine aspect of SN & Sun in Gemini to Pluto shows an optimism and receptivity to new ideas, and even evangelizing them as soon as she begins to identify with new framework of references.

Another implosion took place shortly after adoption of her first son Maddox in March 2002, while Angelina was still married to her 2nd husband Billy Thornton. Three months later they separated. When asked about the sudden dissolution of their marriage, Jolie stated

"It took me by surprise, too, because overnight, we totally changed. I think one day we had just nothing in common. And it's scary but ... I think it can happen when you get involved and you don't know yourself yet”.

That is when she became a mother and Goodwill Ambassador for the UNHRC - her social role expanded, together with responsibilities, jumping to yet another concentric circle of a newly discovered identity and self-image. She later explained it like that: "because we're actors, we go away for months at a time and you grow and change separately”. So she filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” between her and just recently “crazy-in-love”, ‘blood-on-a-chain’ husband. The change of a family dynamic, subsequent expectations for her partner to mold into a father role as she imagined, of course set for a disappointment. “A man who can be a great father means the world to me" – she confessed at one interview.

She also officially changed her name from Voight at that time, transforming her middle name Jolie to Family name, around her Saturn Return (Saturn above natal Mercury Rx, ruler of SN, and progressed Moon starting a new cycle).

“I’m my mother and my father’s child and I’m also my own person” Jolie said.

The evolutionary pressure of 3H to take in new information and to generate new experiences have created the state of perpetual restlessness in Angelina, which drove her from one place to another, from movie to movie to perform, from one love affair/marriage to other, from one child to adopt to another. This compulsive restlessness manifested since her early childhood, as she moved quite a bit with the family. Parents separated when she was 1 year old. It is mother that inspired her to perform (Moon conjunct Pluto Polarity Point), but it’s father to draw actor’s aptitude from (Saturn in 12th). This lifestyle quite resonated with the natural restlessness of 3rd House Pluto.

Relationships she did have allowed her to process herself - to brainstorm new ideas, to thinktank, to argue the sticky points, to communicate new understandings, to fan out bad moods and so on. Venus (12H Cancer), the ruler of Pluto, positioned on the very AC horizon, making her react instinctively to the world around, without much consideration to feelings of others, was to blame for an equal and opposite reaction from people near by. That had to change and in order to really understand another person, she had to become one fully (end of 12H). That was one of the prime reasons for her to pursue the actress path (not an inheritance from the Oscar winner father). In accordance with Lee Strasberg's method acting (full identification and embodiment), Jolie preferred to stay in character in between scenes during many of her early films, and as a result had gained a reputation for being difficult to deal with. The total identification with a character at least for a duration of a filming was absolutely necessary for her unconscious emotional security, as it stopped the revolving doors at least for a time being, making it possible to stick to a set of attributes as a foundation of her current character.

Angelina was ‘chosen’ to become a cultural role model for distributing new ideas, behavioral out-of-the-box conduct and overall unique lifestyle - Mercury in waning Bi-Septile Pluto has ensured that. The ‘fate’ element was calling upon her to disseminate the original capacity through the social media. Fame-wise it was relatively easy for Jolie to reap the fruits of the past, as the entire Karmic Trio is in harmonious aspects. However, the later chapter of life - humanitarian work (in my mind) is a combination of Evolutionary State, karmic fruition and evolutionary requirement (see Evolutionary Dynamic).

For the Libra generation, the desire was to approach everything, including relationships, in a balanced way, and to some people it takes whole life to learn this, coming to things from outlier-positions toward the center. However, with Mars in its natural Aries environment, the ‘periphery’ reaching out attempts were so extreme, that she was out of control during her youth. Early adulthood S&M experimentations and slam-dancing testify to flashing out the imbalanced approaches to healthy relationships.

Jolie had also some fascination with death in her teens (Mars opposition Pluto) - “There’s something about death that is comforting. The thought you could die tomorrow frees you to appreciate your life now.” But she does not see that as being morbid—quite the opposite. “I’m probably the least morbid person. I’ve kind of discovered that if I think about death much more than some people have, it’s probably because I love life more than those people.”

For Angelina it was extremely difficult to keep an identity, as it was linked to immediate environment she found herself in and people she’s met. The action was very frank, raw and instinctively emotional (Moon conjunct Mars), swift with no pre-thought, which was setting people off with an opposite extreme reaction. And Venus on Asc. only exacerbated everything, but people’s reactions have made her re-think it post-factum and re-evaluate the situations. It could be said that a large chunk of her adult life was about recalibration of her actions directed toward others and herself, and re-writing her innate instinct, building the whole new set of acquired instinctual responses.

And acting has helped her with this task tremendously. Also, meeting other artists, which by far are Individuated folks, contributed to sketch the silhouette of her philosophy in life (Sag). Angelina could not rely on mass religion or even some mainstream philosophy, she’s got to pick it peace by peace with each acted role, earnest conversation, every real experience in life.

With Mars opposing Pluto by a narrow orb, the major lifetime has had a paramount learning agenda about informed choices. This opposition promoted an immense amount of sexual energy, the buildup of which had to find a release. Aggressive, exaggerated and direct sexual style was combined with elements of weaponry (knifes and sables etc.) for a more intense effect. In one interview Angelina said:

“sex can be misinterpreted as violence. It's really about trust. I like to push boundaries, both emotional and sexual, with another person. That's when I've felt the sexiest. I've been in both submissive and dominant roles because I want more.”

The idea of control of this powerful and destructive force started to penetrate her mind as she gathered more experience:

“I was always the top until I read somewhere that the bottom controls the top so I thought, 'Wait a minute, that's right. I'm doing all the work!”

With Venus in wide orb waxing Sesqui-quadrate Mars the energy turns in for self-analysis. Am I polygamic or bisexual? What kind of male/man do I enjoy most? What are my needs in a relationship? Am I undervalued in my romantic and business relationships? My sense that Brangelina phenomenon was partially a result of this anal-itical approach to partners, as well as being the highest-paid women actress on Earth, although it always started with an instinct.

However, the wild animal within was hard to harness – “at the same time, I've never been tied up though. I have a feeling the person that does it will be The One. I think that's what I'd like." In a way, this self-exposure reveals the principle hidden in opposition, shown precisely in the Avatar movie, when Jake Sully picks a dragon. In the last moment he asked Neytiri “how do I know which Ikran is mine?“ And she answered – “he will try to kill you”. That was the kind of inner urge – to butt heads with an opposite force, that should match her intensity. Her twenties have seen the extremes of unleashing her ‘dragon’.

Later, when she became wiser and balanced about her approach to people and life in general, she has etched the tattoo on her skin:

"what nourishes me, destroys me"

referring to a wild spirit that has to be applied wisely to be productive and on a safe side. The energy cannot be destroyed – only redirected. And Angelina has managed to redirect the enormous raw energy of this aspect to acting and developing her artistic career, rather than continue on the path of

self-destruction, set in adolescence. In her own words:

“I've still got a pretty crazy life. But I'm now in control of it. Like everybody else, I went through a period of not knowing what my purpose was and not being useful. A lot of this goes back to the issue of fame. It can poison you if you have success and you're not a successful person.”

The presence of Moon in the mix emotionally colored every choice Mars was making, charging it up negatively or positively. To be more precise, in adolescence mostly negatively, and eventually, as she walked through life, the charge turned more and more positive. But the emotional growth takes its root in a childhood.

Angelina’s mother encouraged in her the emotional self-reliance and inner security. She was the actress herself and she deeply understood the emotional dynamics of her daughter, and she helped Angelina to gain self-understanding of her moods and emotional climate (Moon oppose Pluto). The Evolutionary Intention of this opposition demonstrates that Jolie has been learning to reformulate the emotional conduct and self-image. Her emotions were compulsively expressed, and she was determined to change that. That didn’t work no matter how hard she tried, ending up to be too controlled by others or controlling others, and she resorted back, again and again, to the same automatic reactivity she came with into this world. Feeling powerless to change anything on that plane, she cyclically fell in self-hatred and even death wish vortex (see Key Patterns section). At these times, Jolie engaged in self-destructive activity – cutting skin and S&M. Twice it almost ended with suicide attempt. Angelina had been learning to shed light upon her emotional dynamics and evaluated it against emotional conduct of others. That wasn’t quite the same, like comparing apples to oranges. In order to understand the real emotional motives and undercurrents of another person, she had to become one and act on person’s behalf like it was her. The best way to understand the emotional psychology of another person was acting, as well as unravel her own emotional rage and inner turmoil in a true way (Sag) and in a safe environment (like psychodrama really). So eventually she followed the actor path of her father and mother – apparently the Soul knew what family to come into. The position of Venus at the end of 12th House only contributed to an actress capacity. That brave decision, after a long deliberation what vocational path to chose turned out to be the destinic one – it truly changed everything from negative to positive. Now she could unravel her true emotions in unbridled way; and in true search for her individuality, she could act and emote (Mars & Moon) freely without harming others, and at the same time it was useful for society (opposition) - what a fit! Once the decision formed up in her head, Jolie became intensely determined to follow the vocational path of an actress and enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, where she studied the Method Acting.

“I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I knew I didn’t know any other way to express me. My way of explaining things to people is through emotions; to listen to people and feel things. That’s what an actor is so I think that’s why I had to do it.”

I'd say this point in her life marks the departure from unconscious karmic outplay, becoming the cornerstone of her evolutionary tomorrow.

Not too many roles where a good match for a pretty 16 years old teen though - often Jolie being told at auditions that her demeanor was "too dark". People felt something powerful behind the beautiful façade, the intensity of her penetrating magnetic gaze didn’t lend itself to surface level roles. Performing was easy and fascinating to Angelina. Easy, for she played herself, the new self-image (Girl, Interrupted); fascinating, for it gave her the direct insight into how certain psychological types/personalities operate and what’s their innermost motivation, limitations and fears. However, she noticed that sometimes acting has had a flow, and at some other times haven’t. Angelina eventually learned that she followed a hidden cycle of animation and emotional shutdown, and it forced her to control her energy levels and balance a professional life with private life. Sometimes she just had to hide away at home and do the stuff she likes, while charging up her ‘emotional accumulators’.

As she grew older, the lunar function shifted from search for her true Self-Image toward an emotional control and security. The ‘wild’ lifestyle took its toll and eventually Angelina realized there must be more than that (Moon last quarter square Saturn in Cancer) – emotion is a powerful commodity and shouldn’t be wasted or left imbalanced. The emotional control sounded good and right (Moon rules Saturn), but the problem with self-control was in placing the boundaries. That is, where to put them, with constantly changing self-image and lack of self-consistency? It felt so impermanent and illusive as e-motion itself (Saturn in 12H). Some permanent role, the anchor around which her life could be organized, was required. Naturally, a mother is a classical role in our patriarchal society, where emotional control can be exercised, although outside of self, but demanding a lot of consistency and self-discipline. Mother is a very REAL role in society, with a young life depending on it and she could hang to it as an anchor.

Having come to this idea, Angelina didn’t waste time and adopted her first son while filming in Cambodia. Even being married, she was the only parent officially adopting the child.

Another big collapse happened to Angelina many years later, but the reasons of this one kept in shadows till today. The story began when equal match was found and Brangelina started its quick ascent to become one of the most glamorous couples in Hollywood – 12 years of public obsession transformed Angelina yet again. My personal take on this couple that it wasn’t based in love. No doubt, the initial spark was real, Jolie was captivated by Pitt’s charm, added to his high social standing, mixed with public adoration, and collective obsession to make this

star-couple-dream a reality made the rest. Their fans wanted to live through them, and Jolie has bent under this social pressure (Pluto in Libra 3rd House). The nascent romantic magic eventually got dispelled, but Jolie was making conscious attempts to keep the ambers of passion going, as this marriage was good for her personal growth and Brad still was unmatched by anybody else (at least in the public eye) - in order to be a Queen she needed a King. Jolie also feared making the ‘wrong choice’ (Mars opposition Pluto) separating again, for the third time. As long as she ‘lived the dream’ of many, she was good. There’s however a stark difference in the energy between them in their first movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) and by the Sea, 2015 and Angelina’s almost always starring herself...

The blurry contour of the end appeared on the horizon in that movie, the big unknown was their six kids. When she filed for divorce in 2016, Jolie requested physical custody of their children, so it makes sense to suggest children were in the heart of the disagreement, again – a control over her anchor in life was real.

The Brangelina brand has kept them Hollywood Royal Couple for 12 years (a full Jupiter cycle) and Angelina’s influence expanded a lot during this long period. This expansion made her bigger than her partner by a level of magnitude, as she actively set on a transition path to 3rd Individuated state. Not a rebel any longer, a respectful mother of six, well-known global celebrity by her own merit, an honorable Special Envoy to UN High Commissioner, after a decade of service advocating for refugees around the world. The only thing that still keeps her at the 2nd Individuated state is her anchor, as she’s obsessively holds on to control this part of her life, despite the fact it makes her own children miserable, and Brad’s life miserable and her life very difficult. A large public blame-finger points at her, and a heavy dark cloud hangs over her head, as many her fans and Brad Pitt's fans are angry at Jolie for blocking kids from their father, actively making them hostages of her ego control (Moon opposite Pluto and ruling Saturn). And yet, she’s still unable to release the handle of this obsession, and while she holds it she can’t move up the state. The children will grow and fly away to find their own nest eventually. And they will form up their own opinion on the essence of this drama and who’s responsible for their childhood trauma. Meanwhile, Jolie can’t keep growing, no matter how many movies she’ll film and how many field missions around the globe she’ll go. The choice is hers, but the time is slipping away between her fingers.

Summary of the Karmic Dynamic

The Soul in this major life has been drawing ever expanding concentric circles in the search for its true individuality and the original intentions, and matching

ego-based self-image and the subjective will, that will do soul’s bidding on the physical plane. Moving from one circle to the next was accompanied with so called rising from ashes mental Phoenix – that is a cyclic collapse of existing logical base and subsequent forming up of a new relational structure of mental organization. That was done with objective observation of the immediate environment and intense focus on people in it, beginning with alienation and slowly bridging the soul level connections (sometimes ingrained in blood) with those kindred spirit, and drawn by instinctive attraction.

Focused mind, sharpened by continuous direct experience within

free-exploration-space, closing in on the resonating with the soul self-definition, sifted out anything that doesn’t belong. All these connections with various personality types produced a karmic outplay of multiple mental implosions (Pluto in 3rd House), emotional shocks (Moon opposite Pluto), power struggles and battles of will (Mars opposite Pluto) and resurging mental traumas (SN and its ruler Mercury in 11H, with Uranus forming T-Square with Chiron and Venus).


T-square: Chiron – Uranus opposition, squaring Venus on Asc.

The wound of individual identity living in our society and not wanting to conform to the norms of mainstream (Chiron in 10H Aries), opposed by trauma of wrong socializing, caused by others and affecting self-image (Uranus in 4H Libra).

Venus, in the midst of it and torn apart by opposite forces, not knowing how to relate to oneself and others in authentic, and at the same time not harmful for oneself and others way. It’s well documented that in adolescence she self-harmed, later commenting:

"For some reason, the ritual of having cut myself and feeling the pain, maybe feeling alive, feeling some kind of release, it was somehow therapeutic to me."

Suffice to say it was reheat from the past. The wound of nothing to identify with in the modern US society on one hand, and social alienation, set in motion and affecting emotional security – on the other. Angelina heavily experimented with changing a personal style – she dyed her hair in shocking colors, occasionally cut skin and covered herself in ‘body art’. She felt unworthy (Venus in 12th), didn't like to be touched (Venus on Asc, acute instinctive reactions), she still has this problem sometimes. So, like too many young girls, she started to cut herself. At 14, she dropped out of acting classes and began an existence of fast-living and active self-loathing (which was exacerbated by Sun-Neptune opposition). She wore black, dyed her hair purple and went out

slam-dancing with her live-in punk boyfriend. They experimented heavily in S&M, Angelina once asking him to draw a blade along her jawline (the scar is now faint, but still there). S&M was also part of this dynamic, reheating the past to heal it, and also in the search for balanced approach to romantic relationships.

Harmonic rectangle of trines and sextiles -

Sun – Pluto and Jupiter – Neptune trines

The Sun in waning Trine Pluto aspect brings a great expansion for her individuality (Sun in 11th House). By acting various roles on stage as a direct experience, Jolie comes to know quite intimately how society works (without being affected, as emotionally impersonal 11th House is her karmic centre of gravity), and eventually she knows exactly what to do and what not to do and have no internal resistance to do what needs to be done, to promote and establish her original purpose in the society. Luckily for Angelina, nobody feels threatened or challenged by her, despite heavy sexual appeal, occasional unconventional behaviour and somewhat combative demeanor.

Also, the parenting is both a responsible and a joyful experience, even going it alone sometime. She supports the physical and emotional nurturing, formation of the self-respect and self-worth in children, as well as mutual respect between siblings. Each family member has a definite role to play, depending on one’s special ability in comparison with others. Angelina is one of many celebrities that have this aspect, with a green light to realize her cherished dreams and gain public recognition bordering adulation.

Jupiter on MC in Aries, in waxing Trine Neptune in 5th House Sag, in wide orb conjunct North Node(NN), brings creative actualization of her dreams and visions on the professional stage, allowing her to conceive and initiate her own way of life, the ‘personal religion’, that illuminates her way to the destiny (NN) and eventually turns to teaching others by example.

Jupiter on MC in Aries in waning Sextile 11th House Sun signifies the ease of accomplishing a very individual and unique life purpose while doing the professional work, discovering self-identity anew, and coming to significant

self-realizations on a set doing her work; or on UN field mission.


Pluto Polarity Point(PPP) – 9th House Aries, NN - 5th Sag & ruler Jupiter - 9th Aries

Most of her adult life Jolie was building an individual philosophy of who she is as a person. That is a set of beliefs based on what she knows about herself on a gut level, something that feels true to her. Every single role she played on stage brought her closer to an authentic self-definition of her growing persona.

Angelina was born in the family of performing actors, living by art.

“We have art around the house, we have books, we go to plays, we talk. Our focus is art and painting and dress-up and singing. It’s what we love. So I think you can see how artists in some way raise other artists.”

Always smart and articulate, Jolie had graduated from high school a year and a half early, which freed her to pursue any professional avenue she chose. Angelina knew she loved expressing herself creatively, but she didn’t know what career path she would take; at different times she envisioned herself being a writer or painter. In spite of her ‘actress inheritance’, she was very concerned the path she takes is a true calling (ruler of NN on MC). Internally, with 2nd House cusp in Leo the essential need is to be in the centre of attention and perform. Finally, it was her mother who influenced Angelina to try it on stage (Moon on PPP), and since then she doesn’t quit. The reason for this love of acting is not so much a celebrity status or being famous – this is how the Soul gradually fits her egocentric structure to the Evolutionary Intention that was set many lifetimes ago, setting off larger and larger concentric circles (Pluto in Libra in 3rd House) of her personality. With Jupiter on MC, being in the exact last quarter square Saturn she works hard, not a capricious prima-donna, always punctual and on time, collected and grounded on a set – a gift to any movie director. It’s about doing what must be done and she’s engaged in a soul quest to find her true self, and that is what drives her throughout her actress career. Sun in waning Crescent Saturn is tuned on future-bound creativity. “Dad was worried that I was doing it just because I had grown up with it, and thought it would be easy. He knew it was a certain kind of a life, and hoped that I had what it would take to do it. He wanted me to fight it out, and prove it for myself.”

She carved out her unique identity, searching for who she is as a person (Moon & Mars conjunct PPP), and while she was hyper intensely focused on that, it created a magnetic vortex, attracting others to her not-like-anyone-else personality. This vortex turned out to be so influential, that plastic surgeons report - her lips, her chin, her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, even her forehead are the most widely requested by patients. How does Jolie do it, being not only objectified by men, but also by women? If there is Excalibur sword for queens, I’d say Angel-in-A has found it in her NN in 5H Sag with Jupiter on MC – she’s feeling like queen and acting like queen and teaches others how to be authentically majestic. It’s big, in fact it’s bigger than life! With Jupiter on MC roughly opposing Pluto – it’s the biggest fluff in the universe! It’s pumped-up public image and cultural idol; larger than life personality and global celebrity. This is how world knows her (Jupiter conjunct MC). This is how she knows herself (Moon conj. Jupiter). And there is the will to grow even bigger (Mars in 9H on PPP).

When Angelina has accumulated enough traffic in the highway of life (and what a wild life it was, with turbulent emotions and ‘insane’ choices), and has had enough direct experience under her belt, and she knew about herself enough to start molding this stardust into a definite shape, having had a worldwide recognition, Angelina intuitively realized a simple thing – she just wants to be a free ambassador of social justice and goodwill, independent of any third-party, and totally free from limitations of the world. She wanted to shine and inspire millions to search for their true individuality as she did in her life, encouraging them to identify with something bright and promising. This way of life is becoming her vocational path (Jupiter conj. MC). Working on behalf of UNHRC, she took the poor fate of refugees around the globe very personally and was very emphatic to their inner identity crisis in any society (Chiron in 10th Aries), total lack of freedom and many injustices from the world. It might look strange at first why would she sacrifice her brilliant actress primetime to go to ‘shitholes’ of the world for a missionary work, however a crisis of consciousness in the natural growth cycle didn’t let it go (Jupiter last quarter square Saturn). It must be more than just a celebrity, it said, and off she goes to Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Cambodia, visiting refugee camps around the world. Later she expressed her shock at what she had witnessed. It must be better than this – the conscience has told her, and she followed the call with UNHCR mission.

The personal philosophy reflected everything in her life – from making informed choice, calming the mind, controlling emotions while expressing them freely (Moon conjunct PPP in Aries is ruler of Saturn), art of ‘knowing thyself’ (self-image, desires and choices), not too-ripe-too-rotten professional growth, striking right balance between professional and private life (Moon, Mars & ruler of NN in Full Phase). And this philosophy should be advertised globally, so people could learn from her by example (but not personally from her, with Sun, SN and ruler of SN in 11th).

Even some of her most intimate medical records were exposed to public as an example of personal choice she made that could serve many women in similar situation (mastectomy). This philosophy is broadcasted far and wide through movies, as a role model example for millions of her fans. She was bound to become socially committed citizen of the world, a kind-hearted cultural rebel, bringing justice to entire communities in third-world countries.

“I love uniqueness and people who own their uniqueness. I've grown more comfortable with who I am, but it has nothing to do with liking the way I look. I mean, I can see what I look like, and I like what I see. I can tell you this though: I'm enjoying getting older. I'm looking forward to life affecting me"

If I were her consultant, I would recommend Angelina to stick to this statement as time passes by, and to keep enjoying herself even when beauty is gone as she gets older, without resorting to plastic surgery to hold on to the fading good looks. More than that, seeing the signs of transition to 3rd Individuated, I’d recommend her to search for goddess within, rather than finding the idol adoration in the eyes of many.

Also, I’d say that from relationships perspective (Libra soul) she could find a ‘true soulmate’, if she’d engage her intuition what kind of man she desires in her imagination, and at the same time won’t build concrete expectations in a first place. The true choice can take her by surprise, as it may be a simple mortal and not a celebrity, even a foreigner, with whom she just feels great. The only indicator of the right choice is her desire to stay with him all the time (not even knowing why).

Grounded by 6 children as an anchor, she could now float in the space as a party balloon, light, sparkly-colorful and proud of herself, with millions around the globe looking up at her, without a fear of being blown away by life. The 2nd Individuated level is accomplished, the time is to set new goals.

Summary of Evolutionary dynamic

Evolutionary Intention is in founding a personal philosophy that will reflect an individual self-expression and creative self-actualization. It would be facilitated by finding the true vocational path that will help discover and unleash the authentic self-image, transpiring into a public image for people to get inspired by and follow. The larger-than-life public figure, teaching people to find their authenticity, by personal example. Her statue exemplifies the freedom to believe in oneself (Jupiter the ruler of NN on MC in Aries, close to Moon & Mars conj. PPP) and her motto for encouraging others can be:

if you truly have your way, who can assail you?

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