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Justin Trudeau – the tide is turning

Can Pluto hold the keys to understanding Justin Trudeau challenges lately? First, angry anti-Trudeau protests of his Covid policies, then the divorce in August, after 3 children and 20 years together, and finally - these shocking allegations… What’s going on?! Why fortune seemingly turns away from Prince Charming? And why Pluto is to blame?

It’s interesting to note Just-in was anointed to power in Nov 2015, shortly after transiting Pluto passed through his Sun in 5th House (5H) Capricorn, emerging on political stage as son of the prominent PM Pierre Trudeau, since Pluto’s ingress Capricorn. All this time Pluto sojourned his 5H, but since March this year Pluto is probing his 6th House cusp… but let’s start from the beginning.

Setting the stage: the murder of the Canadian Sikh leader - a campaigner for Khalistan, a Sikh homeland in the Indian Punjab. The Canadian Security services investigate the matter and find evidence of India’s gov’t implication. And there’s a plausible motive for the assassination. And both countries are US allies in a contest with China.

Now, this drama between two vastly different mindsets unfolds on the backdrop of Sun opposition Neptune. Standing up and shining the light, revealing what happened. A public exposure (Neptune) to the light of day (Sun), impossibility to hide intel analysis (Virgo Sun) from masses, so to speak. And Mars within 2° orb to Uranus, triggering unexpected turn of events.‎

Political assassination may be looked at from entirely different angles by two cultures. One can see ends justifies the means –

“Canada was giving safe haven to Khalistani terrorists and extremists”.

While the other –

“Any involvement of a foreign government in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty”.

Any Canadian PM would be presented with the challenge to stand up for one’s own citizen and declare that there were “credible reasons” to believe agents of the Indian government were behind the murder. One of the high-standard democracies doesn’t leave any other choice, especially with the inner pressure of ¾ of a million strong Sikh community, pointing collective finger at their former homeland.

Justin Trudeau natal chart & transits

Now, let’s look closely at Justin Trudeau natal chart.

With natal Pluto in the 2nd House Libra, the underlying psychology of relationships is based on a deep sense of who he is, and he will relate to himself and others from this more or less fixed sense of self-definition. That was working well up to this point, with natal Pluto being a part of Air Grand-Trine with Saturn and Venus. As long as he holds on to the rules (Saturn), the relations side of life (Venus) works as a charm. The problem arises when the other side of the equation upholds different rules and values. And his own evolution of consciousness, depicted in Pluto Polarity Point is to jump out of his safe but limiting self-definition and face the winds of the world, as the forces outside of his control.

Explaining his reasons for the allegation, Justin says he isn't trying to “provoke”, but to “standing up for the rules-based order”. It will only exacerbate his response to any ‘wrongdoing’ according to his value system (2H), with South Node (SN) in Leo, and the ruler of SN Sun in 5th House Capricorn – seeing himself in the centre as the authority figure. When he’s confident in his judgement, Justin won’t hesitate to jump out of his safe haven and declare what’s wrong far and wide. But then it meets the forces outside of one’s control, that work differently…

And what's in his personal sky now?

With Pluto moving from the 5th to 6th house, ‘inverted pyramid’ effect takes place – when the being on top of a pyramid reality turns over and person finds oneself on the bottom of it, purifying oneself and serving the system (the pyramid). This transition sets the necessary conditions to instil a personal crisis, actually two crises – internal and external.

Internally experiencing the turning tides of his life, he may feel a sense of lack, inadequacy, and imperfection. And it will induce deep inner feelings of doubt. This experience may be necessary, because it will allow him to change and eventually reflect new ideas, thoughts, feelings and needs that will manifest from his depths.‎

As the 6th House is associated with improvements, criticism and work, the outward conditions may start to reflect the critical attitudes to Justin in his government, homeland and on the world stage. The work itself as PM may be perceived as limiting and stifling further growth.

Will he keep his job?

And what would you recommend to Justin in the current situation, given you’re his Astro-consultant?


Note: chart credits to Astro Databank.

Transits: Ottawa, Sept-19 noon, a day after the accusation, as things take unexpected twist (Mars on his Uranus, the ruler of SN).

House system – Porphyry.

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