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Dark Lord returns on Groundhog Day

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

the Movie

One cold winter day of 1993, two days prior to the Valentine’s Day to be precise, and just 10 days past the Groundhog Day, the movie with the same name was released... was it a pure coincidence, the deliberate calculation of the film Director Harold Allen Ramis, or some other divine synchronicity - is not known. However, that year Groundhog Day was a spectacular event. Not because of the weather predictions in general, nor for any meteorological reason in particular - it was THE EVENT in the world of Astrology.

Note: for the especially impatient among us, please skip this intro (although it would be instrumental in the Pluto Return explanation later) and go straight to the next chapter.

So what's special about that day? It was the exact day Uranus had caught up with Neptune in Capricorn and started a new 120 years cycle of this grand pair. The cycles of three transpersonal planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are closely related in some sacred geometry fashion, with divine, self-regulated synchronicity, forming the ratio of 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 to each other. What I'm trying to say, that an initiation of any new cycle of these collective influencers is not random, connected to other long cycles, and should not be underestimated. Just to give you one example - the meeting of Neptune & Pluto in Taurus in 1890-91 had an enormous repercussion of historic proportions, totally dissolving the boundaries of what is possible for humans (the Prometheus Effect), by initiating the Era of Energy in physics (Taurus). Our world today is unimaginable without power outlets in apartments and public buildings (I'll leave it to you conducting this little mental exercise, visualizing a day without electricity in your life :). The word 'energy' probably is the most common word in our contemporary vocabulary today, standing next to 'I am'. Some astrologers might argue, that despite its collective appeal and the well-cemented place in classics of cinematography, Groundhog Day is relevant to the generation of Pluto in Libra with its underlying theme. I would definitely agree, adding that Libra-Souls (1971-1983) started to come of age around 1993 and find themselves in this endless loop of relationships-going-nowhere, without them changing themselves, and how they approach relationships in the first place. BTW, it is this generation, that changed the balance of what is considered ‘normal’ for marital status, raising the percentage of divorced couples to %51 in many countries.

But the article is not about them… Danny Rubin, the story screenwriter, conceived the idea of this movie by "musing about vampiric immortality and what one would do with their time if it was limitless. He reasoned that vampires were like normal people who did not need to adhere to ordinary rules or moral boundaries. He questioned if and when immortality would become boring or pointless, and how a person would change over time, especially if they were incapable of substantial change. He singled out men he deemed to be in arrested development, who could not outlive their adolescence."

Dark Lord – ruler of Underworld

Associated with Hades – mythological God of the Underworld, Pluto rules the hidden motives of our existence, and is indicative of the desires of the Soul – both karmic and evolutionary. When activated in a country’s chart, it sets the national soul-searching process in the darkness of its collective shadow. Returning to its natal position in 2nd House Capricorn, Pluto will no doubt metamorphose the entire financial system structure of this most powerful empire on Earth. Many industries will be restructured from the ground up, such as Banking and Finance sector of economy, Insurance, SEC etc. This Return is going to address the chronic Capitalism, insatiable pathological money hoarding, systemic flaws of capital polarization, tax on rich-n-powerful etc. What will be the standing of the green buck in the world after Pluto is done with US? The dark and distant world of Pluto is also described by the mythical rising-from-ashes Phoenix in its relentless drive for transformation of what is obsolete and doesn’t serve growth any longer. At certain moments of our lives this Phoenix gives us a choice in various areas of our existence (by transit) - Grow of Die, and whether one opts for the second choice, the new bird metaphorically resurrects from the ashes of its annihilated predecessor…

Where is the nation going – to the karmic past or the evolutionary future? Whatever the collective choice will be – the direction is always forward, from the past to the future...

Skeletons in the Closet

Back to other transpersonal giants - this new cycle of Uranus around Neptune on Groundhog Day 1993 started the reconciliation of personal unconscious themes to the collective consciousness and its conditioning by a society in which we live (Capricorn). To put it simple - the Santa Claus symbolism has no relevance to the Indigenous cultures, but Columbus Day does...

If you like, the Groundhog Day is symptomatic to a repeated occurrence, for this is the 2nd Pluto Return in America. The glorified Columbus discovery, followed by colonization of this virgin continent marks the second passage of Pluto through Capricorn, for this is where things started to form the endless karmic loop in the lineage of generations of domestic-born, or immigrated to USA in the past 500 years.

What does it all mean, you ask? Well, did you notice the reappearance of age-old issues in the dark US history? Colonization and indigenous rights, African Americans and BLM, KKK and White Supremacy, Confederation, women's rights and #metoo movement, civil injustice and the "Occupy" movement etc. Did you perhaps consider these dinosaurs the matters of the past, the topic for historical discussions, impossible to be resurrected to life? Does this time remind you of the Skeletons in the Closet by Alice Cooper?

Like the skeletons these issues come out, one by one, out of the closet, to meet the light of day, surfacing for public acknowledgement and review, to ensure the normal functioning of the American society in the future.

Speaking about Uranus and Neptune, there’s another population group under its influence - the entire generation of their mutual reception (when each planet visits each other’s Domicile), born between 2003 and 2011, people with an individual subconscious tightly entangled with the collective one. The unbearable situation for these young people is “same sh*t, different day”, they can’t stand the status-quo politics. This generation is starting to come of age for mid-term elections this year…

Now, regardless of what part of the political spectrum one belongs to, all will agree to this: Trump has changed the ‘same-old’ perception of Capitol Hill politics. If you ask at this point, what-the-hell Trump has to do with Pluto Return, consider this: nothing was the same in US during his rise to power and unprecedent presidency, not in the White House, not in Congress, nor in the Supreme Court. And not in day-to-day politics. That is either very appealing or very appalling to all, which brought a record number of Americans to the polling stations in 2020. That is no different for this new electorate as well, so no doubt their subconscious minds will be as charged up as the vast ocean of collective anger and disappointment on both sides, hearing “the last trump-et”.

Where, O Death, Is Your Victory? (Hosea 13:9–14)
…[51] Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed— [52] in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. [53]For the perishable must be clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality.…

And they will react. They might take this fight to the Metaverse. And it might not end up in Virtual Reality only, as the Dark Lord may return for another Capitol siege, if one was not enough… (that will be more of a wakeup call for the Dems).

Trump is not just a person in this respect – it’s a new phenomenon and comes at the right time as a Wild Card, to stir the sh*t up, to regurgitate (a regurgitating toilet is a toilet magically enchanted by wizards in order to prank unexpecting Muggles. The flush is pulled instead of pushed, and everything is regurgitated instead of disappearing down the drains. Harry Potter), to wake up, to incite! And he didn’t finish his job… so he will return, even if convicted.

The following article (published way before the 2020 Elections), explains this in more detail (if you're new to Astrology, just cut through the astrological jargon to get the essence)

He is a symbol of two clashing realities fighting for dominance. Some people might ask at this point – what do you mean by two realities…there is only one reality, verifiable by 5 senses and the common-sense collection of the unquestionable facts, perceived tru-isms, and a platform of Tru-th, that everyone lives by and upon which rests the Reality for all. Really? :) The upcoming Age of Aquarius will suggest otherwise – every group of like-minded individuals, united under one purpose, concern, interest or upholding the common values system – creates their own reality. This might sound shocking for some, however people who travel a lot to different parts of the world and mingle with various cultures can verify this. The reality of Iceland is not the same as the reality of Saudi Arabia, and the reality of Peru differs from the one of Nigeria. You don’t talk about feminine liberty in Yemen, or of religious minorities' rights in China – this is simply not their reality. It was always like that (check the movie Marco Polo, if in doubt), but with Pluto crossing into Aquarius next year and cementing the new cosmic Age of Enlightment, this statement will become obvious.

Pluto dictates: "grow or die", and Pluto in Capricorn requires accountable governance. It’s first of all the test for Democrats. If they can’t be a party for All the People, if their stay in White House and being the majority in the House of Representatives doesn’t bring any goodies, guess what?

Age of Aquarius

Two polarized ends don't want and will not live together under one roof, as was the way of it in the Age of Pisces (unity of the flock). The Aquarian energies - the undercurrent of communal/tribal mentality, will divide humanity by 'WON'T HAVE AREA', meaning to the social circles of like-minded individuals with zero tolerance to something specific (abortion rights, gay marriage, white supremacy, mass poverty, careless attitude etc… you got the drift). This will solve the problem of intolerance to that which is different. As Marco Rubio put accidentally in his post "untied States" prior to Trump nomination as the GOP candidate, this kind of typo is not such a coincidence as might seem (not intentional for sure). If I am brave enough to predict anything in the unpredictable Age of Aquarius, it will be this: during the Pluto Return period there will be attempts to untie some States from the United States, and some of them might be successful...

Neptune opposition

Now, because of beforementioned synchronicity of large cycles, the transiting Neptune in Pisces ‘happens’ to oppose the natal Neptune in US chart in 22° Virgo. If you think of Pisces as the weak spineless doormat of humanity - think again, think of the ocean. It may not have a spine, but only one hurricane of its making can destroy a flourishing city, or an entire coastline. Speaking of such, one can expect an increased weather system activity during 2022 hurricane season…

However, in terms of the impact on the Collective, the journey of disillusionment from the rosy American dream “Riches for All” to a plunge into a dark abyss of the unknown during one's Pluto return, takes one Neptunian transit - the opposition to itself. The Timeless dimension exposes the illusory tricks played in Time & Space of keeping the Dream alive.

It might prove to be a dream for noone, more likely the nightmarish scenario of “Hotel California” illusion –

“you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”.

If you doubt that, while happily living in your mortgaged semidetached condo, consider this – two richest people in America are keen to leave the planet ASAP – one to the Moon, and another to Mars… with all their wealth and fame they couldn’t find the peace of Mind and happiness of the Heart in this “Land of Opportunity”. The American dream grew to become the insane hoarding for a few, with millions looking up to them, the collective cry for "rags-to-riches" mentality, discounting pretty much anything else. That leads to the misery of the tied hands, while holding on to something ‘real’-to-be-estate, like stakeholders of the collective unhappiness, the ‘Prisoners of Zion’ of sorts. These themes will surface up during the Neptune-Neptune opposition.

The day after..

So what’s next for this avant-garde country? After the dust has settled and Pluto moves into Aquarius in March 2023, the US might wake up the dawn of a new civilization. The entire system of governance, summed up today by 'the winner has it all' and 'loser standing small by the victory, what a misery', might change to a more collaborative style government, where both parties have their say at the table, regardless who wins the general elections.

The transformation this Nation will go through is alike to a metamorphosis of Roman Empire to Byzantine, just compressed in time with acceleration of the pace, akin to the Age of Aquarius.


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