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Nikola Tesla

The astrological portrait of the very Architect of our modern technological world and one of the most mysterious scientists in history!

A gifted man on his life mission

“With me it was a sacred vow, a question of life or death. I knew that I would perish if I failed.”


Born 10 July 1856 at midnight in Smiljan, Croatia.

Judging by the stated birthtime precisely at midnight, it could be assumed the exact time of birth is not known.

Based on scientific nature of the life-purpose of the native, together with unprecedented ‘peek into other side of the veil’ capacity – I find the birthtime is more precise just six minutes later, at 00:06 AM. This little shift will put Sun within 3rd House, while placing Pluto right on Asc. The life purpose of one of the most passionate scientists in history fits 3rd House more than 4th, I believe.

Metaphorically, placing Pluto on AC-DC axis reheats once eminent

War of currents”, literally 😊.


Pluto in Taurus 1H cusp, South Node(SN) in 6H Libra

ruler of SN - Venus in 3H Cancer.

In order to understand his life and an incredible contribution to the 20th century world, it’s useful to look at his Age & Time first, as Nikola was born in a very different timeframe. When observing the transpersonal planets, it’s peculiar to notice Neptune was precisely where it is now (~ 20 deg. Pisces), which means the collective unconscious is in the same juncture now - end of Zodiac, sowing the seeds of the collective tomorrow, in a new iteration, supposedly more advanced and/or upgraded. Only Neptune back then was in exact waning Semi-square to Pluto – finalizing the old half-millennium cycle and launching its time-space continuum phase of ‘Spirit & Ideals’. It also says that we suppose to reap that which was sown back then. In certain extent this is what virtually happened, as some of his discoveries and visions have been implemented only in the 21st century (f.e Wi-Fi wireless transmission of information etc).

Part of Pluto in Taurus generation, prior evolutionary desire was to develop self-reliance, and the new evolutionary cycle of it had just begun (1st House - 1H). Born with high individuated consciousness among Taurus souls, and acutely sensing his special destiny (1H), Nikola has learned to identify himself as the only resource for self-sustenance. Right from the early age he sensed he came to accomplish something great, and as his life unfolded, this inner sense of the mission was consolidating and taking definite shapes. This mission eventually pivoted around laws of physics and how it can be applied, so humanity could harness the forces of nature for self-support.

With 1H Pluto location, it was a burning desire that led him throughout his life from one discovery to the other, that translated down the line into numerous inventions in the emerging domain of electricity and beyond, of a very practical usage. His ideas came from inventors and scientists who came before, to improve and further advance their discoveries and inventions.

Eager to discover more & more of what physics offer, Tesla was the one to initiate action and forge ahead, not always noticing there are other people around, and sensing the reactive force from the immediate environment in the aftermath (1st House). The real meanings of reactions to his choices coming from other people were hardly noticed by native, having his underlying emotional security surrounded by thick walls of his inner meanings of things(frog in the well of Pluto in Taurus). That sensitivity to people’s energy was gradually developed with experience (Pluto Polarity Point - PPP in 7H with North Node - NN in 12H). Tesla was learning, subconsciously, to relate with others on an equal basis, especially with his colleagues at work (SN & Mars in 6H). His life experience has taught him to rather listen than dominate the conversation and generally realize everybody else is not less important than he is. During his life Nikola had encounter lots of mutual misunderstanding, which has forced him to literally listen. He realized that in order to get what he wants from others, he must give first, and not only be a giver, but to understand what to give.

Tesla has had a very strong survival instinct, which he demonstrated on many occasions, including working as general labor occasionally as new US immigrant. In prior lives he has been learning how to identify his personal values and needs in order to become self-reliant. The pattern of self-discovery worked in a following fashion: first he had to initiate something new and then to withdraw into himself and internalize the experience. So with one step of initiating action(1H), and the next step of withdrawing to focus on what it did(Taurus) to him, he was advancing his self-knowledge in life, granting him the title of the greatest experimental researcher of 20th Century. The same pattern manifested itself with all his major working relationships, in which he was basically dominated by – his bosses and funding investors. Tesla has naturally initiated relationships without really knowing why he does it, the opportunity simply presented itself to him. In the light of experience he eventually was withdrawing into himself to realize the relationship doesn’t suit his personal needs and need to be terminated.

Despite having strong sexual nature, once Nikola set his mind to dedicate his entire life to scientific research, this energy was transformed to his relentless drive for hard work on his mission. This tendency has started to develop even in adolescence. By the age of twelve he was successfully experimenting with acts of self-denial and self-mastery, which played itself out repeatedly throughout his life.

Mars, the subjective will of the soul and ruler of NN, balsamic conj. to native’s SN, constitutes the bridging link from Soul’s past to its future via Nicola’s life. The further analysis lends itself to believe he was a scientist before, and was on the same scientific mission this time around, taking it up from where it waited him. His hard work habits and stamina came as a fruition from past lives, where he toiled in his workshop to master his art(6H). The Inventor self-image came to him naturally, with Moon closing on SN as well, as fruition from other times.

With inner Venus in 3H Cancer being the ruler of Pluto, the values of his life were closely aligned with his most cherished thoughts and ideas(close to IC), emotionally driving his Soul mission. The vehicle through which Tesla strived to accomplish his mission in the past was through his working relationships(SN in 6H Libra), collaborating with his colleagues on most cherished ideas, related to this mission (Venus, with rest of stellium in 3H with Libra SN).

The fact of outer Venus being the ruler of SN in Libra, spells how important the collaborative work was for him. However, an acute sense to physical laws apparently overcompensated the lack of basic sense of social laws and run Tesla into trouble with others (Venus square nodal axis, and is also Apex of T-square). More to it, he could not integrate in life his working relationships, and in this life it expressed itself as skipped step. Most of the time he worked alone, unable to relate or bridge the values gap with others, and sometimes it was taking the other extreme – adopting the values and meaning of people with whom he was vicariously connected, neglecting his own value system in the process.

With no proper understanding in social matters, the general reactivity of people (Pluto 1st House) didn’t contribute to Tesla’s sense of self-worth (Venus ruler of SN and square nodes). Rather, he was driven by lack of worth, derived from the comparison to others (SN 6H Libra) and what is valued in general in these times, given the majority of population was in a herd state. The challenge to accept oneself in all aspects (3rd Ind.) was huge and inferiority complex permeated his whole being, fed like wood to the fire of his Mars in 6H and leaving him only one option – work hard.

Despite being located in social Libra, Mars in self-analysis chapter relative Pluto, doubting his abilities and self-worth, was strained by the T-square and emotionally colored by both SN and Moon, making him very self-critical in relationships, with fair dose of moody criticism spilled on others as well. His working-hard-striving-to-perfection attitude and purity of intent bordered with a monastic lifestyle, and even his colleagues were scared by it, of simply found it uninteresting to engage.

More than that, he mostly percolated in his own inner dialog, showing little interest to interactions with people (Venus 3H Cancer square nodes and Apex of T-Square). Shy and superficial in conversations, he turned people with different values system away from himself.

In any case, the desire to continue his work and explore the infinite possibilities lying ahead overtook any other considerations. To young Tesla people were merely a distraction from exploring the Universe and his special destiny within(1H). The only exception from this rule were people with whom Nikola could establish a good and emotionally gratifying rapport (stellium in Gemini-Cancer-3H). Other people and their needs simply didn’t exist in his world.

From his college years Tesla demonstrated a special capacity for learning, retaining academic knowledge (Mercury, Saturn and Sun in 3H, all aspecting Pluto) and innate understanding of Universal principles - Pluto is at the very beginning of his personal Zodiac, granting a direct soul connection to the other side of the veil. This talent wasn’t accepted by others as special, as his general shyness and insecurity while socializing (Sun & Venus 3H Cancer), stood on the way to show his light and ‘shine like the diamond’ he was deep inside (Sun on IC square nodes).

Also, coming ahead of his time, he was perceived as a bit weird kid on the block in his youth, and freaky maverick-scientist in adulthood (Uranus in 1st & Neptune 11H), while adolescence woke up the wound of being different on his path of individuation (Chiron in Aquarius).

The early childhood was much happier though. Nikola was fortunate to be born as a youngest child into a loving family of 4 children in Croatia. He was raised by two older sisters and shared an unusually close connection with his older brother, as he was a special bright boy, from whom Nikola learned a lot (Mercury in 3H Gemini). Father, a priest in the Serbian Orthodox church, also trained his sons exercises in developing memory (Saturn in 3rd) and logical faculties. Able to recite poetry and literature at length in several languages, the father often remarked playfully that if some of the classics were lost - he could restore them. “My father spoke fluently a great many languages and also ranked high as a mathematician. He was an omnivorous reader and possessed a large library from which it was my privilege to gather a great deal of information during my years of life spent at home”.

Unfortunately for Tesla, the happy time have ended with death of his brother Daniel in 1863, when he was killed in a riding accident. The shock of the loss unsettled the 7-year-old Tesla, who reported seeing visions, also including his brother telling him things (Jupiter in 12H - a benefactor from other side of the veil). This first pivotal event in his life coincided with a few very tense transits Saturn made to his natal chart; while plowing through Black Lilith, it:

  • turned the first corner with natal Saturn in 3H Cancer (sibling in a close family circle), showing the harsh side of the reality

  • exact waxing inconjunct Pluto in Taurus, triggering immense self-doubts to finding himself in society ever again without his brother, and feeling not worthy

  • waning trine Chiron in 10H Aquarius, naturally becoming aware for the first time of the wounds of becoming alienated by surrounding culture, while being conditioned by it; and

  • opposing Jupiter in 12H, becoming aware for the first time of impermanence of all things in his life

This sad event not only took his beloved brother away from him, but also changed the family dynamic. Since Daniel was so bright boy and the pride of the family “the recollection of his attainments made every effort of mine seem dull in comparison. Anything I did that was creditable merely caused my parents to feel their loss more keenly. So I grew up with little confidence in myself.” (Saturn to Pluto transit).

After college and university studies, and working at very advanced back then telegraph company, immigration prospects felt imminent, as the epicenter of progress of humanity - the main source of motivation for young Tesla - wasn’t in homeland (ruler of SN Venus in Cancer & last quarter square Mars - ruler of NN – there must be more knowledge far from homebase, there’s no scientific future in Balkans, it’s in the land of opportunities. By all means, as 3rd Ind. young Tesla felt the Citizen of the World and wasn’t obliged by patriotic fervor.

United States, his second homeland, has provided an ample ground for Tesla to grapple with forces outside himself (frog in a well), since he landed as a new immigrant on the land of free enterprise in spring 1884. The immigration and life in the epicenter of rogue capitalism, in stark contrast to his motherland Croatia, has forced him out of the well and demanded to offer himself as an uneducated general labor resource to barely survive (which he had no problem with, Taurus). US has exposed his inner limitations in a cold light of day and enforced Tesla to re-examine his innate talents, the source of his inner motivation and the reasons for them. In introspection, the out-of-the-well immigration exposed his main weakness – lack of proper discernment in people in general, and business partners in particular (Venus square SN in 6H Libra). Tesla was rooted in his inner values and was ready to defend them for himself (Venus in Crescent phase Taurean Pluto), therefore the American lifestyle didn’t affect his world too much. While in ongoing gestation contemplation of his new personality (Cancer stellium self-image), and vacillating between his personal take on it, to the mirroring from others (skipping steps along Aries-Libra axis), Tesla rarely enjoyed himself, rather toiling away in a crisis mode, with some compulsive willingness to suffer (SN conj. Mars in 6H).

Moon has also played heavily in this karmic dynamic. His photographic memory could be accredited to family genetics, with mother’s ability to memorize large Serbian poems (fruition from past, conj. SN). However, it manifested rather negatively after moving to US, as his ancestral roots and heavy accent stood on the way of his new self-image. The dynamic tension aspects to Sun and Venus forced him ‘out of the closet’ to demonstrate his new personality at work, but the automatic emotional negativity has often nullified his efforts to get along with colleagues. The mutual reception between Moon and Venus has often ` triggered the vicious cycle in relationships – trying to fit in -> forced to play by a different tune -> criticizing oneself and others in aftermath and getting sucked into negative vortex as a result -> having no positive vibes to relate.

And with Moon & Mars combo in 6H, in Gibbous phase Pluto, self-doubt was his constant companion. His negative moods, which he had to show regardless of anything, didn’t really benefited him socially, rather creating obstacles to be recognized for his talent (with Moon – ruler of Sun in 1st quarter square Sun). This major aspect also explains why he didn’t really know how to BE famous, in comparison to, let’s say, Edison which knew only a fraction of fundamental knowledge Tesla was armed with, but came down in history as a great inventor and creator of many devices. Ironically, his incandescent lamp invention came alive after allegedly 5,000 failed attempts to light it up, which was accredited to the inventor as an incredible stamina and never-give-up-spirit, when Tesla wrote in his journal that with little fundamentals he could’ve solved this conundrum much faster 😊. So, despite being dwarfed in comparison, Edison became known as "The Wizard of Menlo Park", while Tesla simply disappeared from physics books for another century.

On the other hand, Sun Quintile Pluto ignited his creative transformation aspect, where the internal individualization takes place. “The world produces electricity in an old way (DC), but I’ll do it my own unique way (AC). Its benefits not recognized yet, and the way of generating AC not even known by society, but I will find the way to do it efficiently and will do it as my creative project.”

To many, due to native’s strong gravitational pull in 3rd House, the inventor was perceived in contradictory ways, as scientist, executioner (War of Currents), light bearer, conman or wizard. And as such, his unchecked statements to the press (Venus 3H) have only been adding fuel to the fire of controversy. Disregard for money as real value (3rd Ind. Taurus) many times has led Tesla to irresponsible treatment of investors - driven by research spark he used to forget his current obligations to his investors.

By polarity, identifying with his talent as the only resource, life enforced him to seek partnerships and merge with others, who have material resources to fund his research and promote his special capacity. The lack of proper discernment in people (SN in 6H Libra squaring its ruler Venus) had led to wrong partnerships formed by Tesla throughout his professional life. He first formed vicarious relationships with people who represented status and power, and temporarily became an extension of their identities, wills, and greedy agenda. And then breaking up with them and flip-flopping to isolated existence, unable to relate with others, limited by his fixed sense of self-definition (Taurus Soul).

He could’ve founded a community of advanced thinkers, scientists and visionaries, unified around the grand idea of ‘bringing the electricity to humanity’, and be their visionary progressive force and path-finder (PPP in Scorpio on DC, NN in 12H Aries with Neptune in 11H Pisces and Jupiter balsamic phase Pluto). In that capacity, the key people inside this community could’ve promoted Tesla’s discoveries through these humanitarian, rather than business channels. He could’ve done this even in his home country Croatia, where he was so famous and honored like a national hero. His inventions would’ve been implemented on National level with governmental approval and funding, but his ancestral past associated with old-fashioned tradition to him (Cancer & Moon as a part of karmic dynamic).

To give him a credit, Tesla did make efforts to resolve his relationships through the NN. Throughout his earlier career, he presented his ground-breaking work to colleagues. For example, In May 1888, Tesla appeared before the AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers) to read his landmark paper “A New Alternating Current Motor.” He had already filed for fourteen of the forty fundamental patents on the AC system and decided to share the intelligence with his peers. The lecture had a phenomenal buzz. After one of such historic lectures, he briefly became a vice-president of AIEE from 1892 to 1894. However, he didn’t perceive this success and recognition among peers as a way to go, to identify himself as a scientific genius, backed up by peers and promote his discoveries for the betterment of the whole humanity (NN in 12H Aries), perhaps founding a new holistic-scientific society as not-for-profit organization, and leading it to advance the electricity into the world.

The old wound of the apparent victory of oppressive forces of society against the looming progress of enlightment (Chiron 10H Aquarius) has brought Nikola to a deeply internalized crisis in consciousness on a psychic level (Chiron in last quarter square Taurean Pluto), and driven by a burning desire to overpower this status-quo. Right in the onset of his life, young Nikola has said to his religious father: “It is not humans that I love, but humanity”, persuading the orthodox priest to send him to technological college instead of seminary. The wound did not disappear though, as the architect who perceived our modern technological Age wasn’t the one credited for it by society (Chiron 10H Aquarius).

The trajectory of Tesla’s research spark decreased at some point, which is also noteworthy. Being in 3rd Ind., he realized we surrounded by Ether, that could be tapped for electricity production. He couldn't perceive Earth as a living being, tightly bound with humans by many layers, including the field that he called Ether. Ether to him was just some unlimited resource to exploit for sustenance, with no perception of the reason for its existence - why was it there in the first place. I gather, the reason for his creative innovation flow dried out in later years of his life, was for evolutionary necessity to climb up the next level. He witnessed some very strange and disturbing to a rational mind phenomena in his experiments, forcing him to question his own understanding of physical principles, as if some 'master physician' played games with him. It was a sort of 'physics with attitude', as he kept seeing different results applying the same conditions to the same experiment! That was really quantum experience for Tesla, as his observations differed by observer's mood and attitude.. and this phenomenon could not be explained to 3rd Ind.

The last 5 years of his life Tesla was forced to lead totally reclusive lifestyle, circumstantially. It was enough time to contemplate the nature of eternal and such ephemeral substance as energy. Apparently, he made it to 1st Spiritual evolutionary state upon his final passage.


Skipped steps

Both celestial energies conj. in 3H Cancer, squaring nodes along 6H Libra – 12H Aries axis, with NN as resolution node.


Sun function in 3H Cancer, relative to Pluto in 1H Taurus is to capitalize on one’s own unique capacity to creatively research the matters of the heart, to study then invent valuable things in a caring way, to offer a valuable intelligence on ways to produce something very precious (Taurus), to care for the planet (Cancer for 3rd Ind.) and all living beings. This life purpose, when integrated in life, empowers one’s sense of special destiny, boost self-confidence and enhances self-image of being of value.

When sun energy is blocked, the lack of self-confidence ensues and the native has a weakened sense of self, expressed with emotional insecurity. With Karmic Axis along 6H Libra – 12H Aries axis, the integration of Sun function requires embracing the serving others attitude in a healthy way (to be of service, but not in servitude), while searching for unique identity in all universal and timeless. To resolve this skipped step Tesla used the NN – he identified with the Savior archetype, that brings progress to humanity, the modern-day-Prometheus. As a result, he invested his entire adult life inventing a most valuable technology of the future and upgraded the contemporary understanding on the subject matter of electricity and practical revolutionary methods of its harnessing for the betterment of human race. He basically brought the ‘fire from gods’. His work served not individual people, but entire populations (although sometimes he was caught up serving the narrow interests of his bosses and investors). In the process he became famous (that didn’t last long, see the next skipped step), and uniquely valuable individual for the entire human civilization. As such, he started to love life, was a real gentleman, appreciated art and poetry, and 5 last years of his life actively attempted to connect with Gaia (instead of far fetched Universe) by feeding birds. His life purpose was achieved, while his fame was forfeit.


The evolutionary necessity of Venus in 3H Cancer put upon Tesla, was integrating his ability to relate, with oneself and others, in mentally and emotionally coherent way. The function of Venus in native’s chart was in a quest for self-knowledge, with constant inner dialog based on ever-shifting emotional sands of internal reality. His current emotional reality dictated how he was going to relate in any given moment, which made the task extremely difficult, especially when he wasn’t feeling safe. 6H SN & Mars wanted to make sure he relates effectively with other people, but his internal world had the upper hand many times, exposing his dissatisfaction from oneself and grumpy moods with others, or frustration from others, negatively affecting his moods.

In addition to squaring the Karmic Axis, Venus was tasked with the function of Apex of T-Square with Jupiter – Moon opposition. Jupiter – the drive to become a Savior for human race out of love for humanity as a whole, opposed the Moon, the detail-oriented do-it-yourself and critical to everything Tesla. Venus, essentially insecure and factual, had a hard time to communicate this inner drive to environment in a caring way, and had to make enormous effort and prepare emotionally prior to any social engagement. He was also pressed by an inner crisis from Moon on the other end of T-Square. Usually, the socializing produced a tense emotional state (Moon, the ruler of Venus, in 1st quarter square), prompting the crisis mode of operation, gearing up for efficiency in communication (6H). On the other hand, the immediate nature of a relationship affected his moods and emotional state in its turn (Venus & Moon in mutual reception). So the reciprocal dynamic of relationships induced multiple repercussions in the inner world and could’ve caused emotional storms and tornadoes. Also, some parts of him didn’t enjoy superficial conversations with others (Jupiter in 12H Aries balsamic Pluto). For these reasons Tesla wasn’t a social type despite Moon & Mars conj. in Libra. He preferred to work alone and secluded himself from unnecessary interactions.

These internal storms, however, could’ve been self-induced(mutual reception). Occupying himself with never-ending thought processes, Tesla entertained his brain with multiple possibilities, when his internal emotional reaction to each such possibility produced a self-knowledge (3H Cancer). And from time to time it triggered turbulent weather inside, with only release valve – hard work (Moon & Mars 6H). His mental processes were dictated by an inner rhythm of expansion & contraction when a cycle of information intake shifted to cycle of withdrawal and mental digest.

If that is not enough, Tesla came to realize he’s so much different from his peers (3rd Ind.) and his daily contemplations were light-years away from everybody in his immediate environment, making the ‘relating’ efforts almost impossible. As mentioned, he was associated with many like minded scientists and enthusiasts through AIEE organization, but didn’t perceive these collaborations as an integration of this skip step, being the self-starter, searching for funding from wealthy and powerful (Pluto 1H Taurus). Interesting to mention, back in those times people didn’t know about crowdfunding, which would’ve made Tesla’s efforts much more smooth. I can see how living in modern world of disruptive technology he could’ve stir a new Industrial Revolution, helping him to integrate his nodes in written and video communications, rather than a direct contact.

Studying his life, we can see his candid attempts to find the golden path of relating with others. Here’s one example of how Nikola managed this in college, as described by one Tesla’s biographer:

“Reacting to the ridicule from other students (Mars 6H Libra), who resented Tesla for his monastic study habits and close association with the faculty, Tesla took up gambling(T-Square involving Jupiter). “He began to stay late at the Botanical Garden, the students’ favorite coffee house, playing cards, billiards and chess, attracting a large crowd to watch his skillful performances (Venus ruler of Pluto & SN, square Aries-Libra nodes)”. Obviously, it was Libra extreme from the other end.

During his career, the personal limitations of relating to himself and others in a balanced way were exposed, displaying the extremes of self-view and inside-looking-out communication style, which was not in the range of the norms of society and couldn’t be accepted as balanced. For example, his work habits, exhausting himself to the point of physical and emotional collapse, were quite normal in his inner world, as if seeking for atonement of some kind, and some of his bosses were exploiting this to their advantage (Edison). Also, during his first immigrant years in USA, after leaving Edison for his lies (Venus 3H), often did he work as a hard labor in harsh conditions, digging ditches etc., not thinking he deserves to do something better, due to a lack of self-worth.

Tesla possessed a phenomenal memory and had a vivid curious and also very analytical mind. The analytical function of the subjective mind was constantly straining his soft creative expression of eloquent gentleman, demanding relentless work and subsequent action (Mars first quarter square Sun). On the other hand, the last quarter square Venus to Mars produced the crisis of consciousness in relationships, forcing Nikola to come to conclusion that his relations in this life will remain work-bound, heavily factoring into his asocial attitudes. His Venus vibrated on alienation and distancing from society waves, attracting others with the same frequency.

Tesla had a hard time integrating his Venus into the overall fabric of life. As mentioned, aligning with like-minded individuals, embracing higher values above the norms and low standards of contemporary society, could’ve been a much better way forward. Money for Tesla was just means of doing a research on a bright road of discovery. As a result, his “cavalier disregard for money”, inability to accumulate enough capital to fund his ideas, flip-flopping between a low self-worth and high recognition among peers – all that contributed to his sorrowful end and social oblivion, living last years of life alone in a hotel room and talking with pigeons, instead of a glorious legacy of a worldwide renowned scientist.

Looking at the chart and weighting the events of his life, I reckoned – which advise would I give to help Nikola to integrate this skipped step…

Most probably I’d tell him BE CAREFUL WITH WHOM YOU MIX, as it will set you for success or failure. I’d recommend him to incorporate as soon as possible after landing in US and by finding the other scientists, enthusiasts, philanthropic visionaries, who saw the future the way he did, who’d sponsor his scientific endeavors, avoiding enmeshment with electrical businessmen and financial magnates of these times (J.P. Morgan). These greedy individuals sucked the juice out of Tesla’s revolutionary discoveries, while heavily undermining his genius, made enormous profits on the way and increased their patriarchal influence upon American public, portraying themselves as national heroes, while the very name of the visionary inventor was wiped out of the books and collective memory for future generations.

It was also viable to consider to make a comeback to Serbia as a national hero and lead the country-wide electricity projects. This way his past-future integration would’ve been much more efficient and productive, while boosting his Sun in a way he couldn’t hoped to receive in America.

Yod – Finger of God

Apex – Mars & SN; Virgo leg – Uranus; Scorpio leg – Neptune

“With me it was a sacred vow, a question of life or death. I knew that I would perish if I failed.”

The Apex of the Yod shows the necessity of working with others in order to improve current systems, to bring about efficiency and effectiveness to upgrade the current state of affairs. His working habits to toil on something till the point of exhaustion was fed by two inconjuncts, channeled to his Mars. The SN played the karmic fruition capacity to withheld huge stress and emergency, and work under crisis conditions.

With Uranus in 1H Taurus, the skillful application of the Virgo leg was in liberating from poverty and fears of survival by identifying with the progress and capitalizing on implementation of the advanced methods in life. The unskillful application of this leg lies in weird instincts and reactions to immediate environment, with one’s deeply internalized values, so tasteless and indigestible by others.

Neptune calls to reap the benefits of hard work by becoming the savior of humanity, the ‘bearer of light’. Otherwise, his name can dissolve into obscurity, in a large ocean of those who came and went, without leaving a legacy, or even a trace.


PPP - Scorpio on DC; NN - 12H Aries with ruler Mars in 6H Libra

“The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human needs. This is the difficult task of the inventor who is often misunderstood and unrewarded. But he finds ample compensation in the pleasing exercises of his powers and in the knowledge of being one of that exceptionally privileged class without whom the race would have long ago perished in the bitter struggle against pitiless elements. Speaking for myself, I have already had more than my full measure of this exquisite enjoyment, so much that for many years my life was little short of continuous rapture.”

Fully associating his progressive future with his special capacity and unique personal resourcefulness, Tesla felt very limited in implementing it in the world. He was relatively poor, with no powerful connections, far away from advanced scientific research. At some point he realized that he must unite his resources and life with other important individuals, so that these limitations could be transformed. For this end, he had to learn taking others into account in a first place. That was difficult (considering his Venus tense position).

After becoming aware of his special capacity, combined with unique kind of social responsibility (3rd Ind with Saturn in waxing sextile Pluto), it was imperative for Tesla to make choices in life to maintain a kind of personal reality that reflects the original intention of the Soul. For this end he has established a pattern of relentless self-denial and self-determination right from the loss of his beloved brother.

“Up to the age of eight, my character was weak and vacillating…This work somehow awakened my dormant powers of will and I began to practice

self-control. At first my resolutions faded like snow in April, but in a little while I conquered my weakness and felt a pleasure I never knew before that of doing as I willed.”

By the age of twelve he was successfully experimenting with acts of self-denial and self-mastery, which played itself out repeatedly throughout his life. Simultaneously, Tesla began to develop peculiarities, stemming from the stress associated with his brother’s death, strained relationship with his parents, and denial of his sexual desires. In Gibbous phase Pluto, Mars, the subjective will of the Soul, was very critical of one’s prime urges (Pluto in Taurus) and every popping up desire was up for intense self-analysis. Being the ruler of NN, and at the same time conj. SN, Mars was the link between the past and the future of this soul. It could be deducted, that Tesla was a prime scientist in the past, and came to move the science forward at the precise threshold for the humanity (Neptune in last evolutionary gate of waning semi-square Pluto).

This quashing of natural desires contributed greatly to his exceptional workability, redirecting the sexual energy into a creative power of the genius inventor. Having said that, lack of sexual release of the emotional Pluto energy in Taurus will lead him from time to time to emotional distortions and loss of perspective.

He immigrated (‘jumped’) out of his safe havens to the world of opportunity and was introduced to powerful and intense individuals at key point in his life. In fact, his immigration was ordered by one such man – business inventor Edison. Encounter with him created very intense confrontation for Tesla, having to do with his personal limitation – not knowing how to relate. This limitation was exploited by Edison, forcing Tesla to ‘jump out of this well’ to the next.

The next well, or joint venture, turned out as another exploit of Nikola’s special capacity, mixed with inability to properly discern people’s motives (Mars in 6H Libra conj. SN). The realization he’s extremely talented wasn’t very clear to Tesla right away, with NN & Jupiter intercepted by 12H. In my estimation, that revelation came to him shortly after transiting Neptune passed his natal Uranus in 1H Taurus, and progressed Mars & Moon just made into upper hemisphere, at the end of the period, following the surprising betrayal by men he trusted, working at Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing. It was “the hardest blow I ever received”, when he was forced out of his own company, having lost his patents and his company share lost value. He never forgot this evolutionary lesson of 1st House Pluto.

He jumped out to the next well, much bigger than other two (Westinghouse), with each previous encounter teaching him an evolutionary lesson.

The last well, in the face of most powerful US financier of XIX century J.P. Morgan, promoted dependency on his capital to fund scientific research and forced Tesla to be harnessed in dubious ambitions of the greedy banker. Eventually, after realizing he was dominated and exploited, Tesla secluded himself in his own well and worked alone since.

Tesla was the first scientist to break the glass ceiling of the scientific perception of the phenomena of alternating current and practical ways to implement it. He had the capacity to perceive the forces of Nature in the form of electricity & magnetism and the application of these forces to benefit the society. But he couldn’t do it all alone – such a technological revolution required merging with partners who will assist and promote this EI. The Skipped Step of Venus has impeded this noble task, and also set him up for wrong types of partners. Having said that, he learned from each and every bond that fate brought across his path and forced him to be more careful, than he was initially (Venus in new phase conj. Saturn).

At the onset of 1890-1891, when Neptune & Pluto met, the humanity was reset for a 500 years cycle of a new hope arising, Tesla became independent from any business partnership and responsibility, and began to experiment with the electricity & magnetism in his own laboratory. As an experimental physicist, working on his own (Pluto 1H with Mars 6H in gibbous phase) he basically outlined what the next iteration of Neptune around Pluto will be for humanity. Based on this premise, Tesla ended with a prophetic supposition that a zero point, or free energy strata, exists. “Then, with the light obtained through the medium, with the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from stores forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance with giant strides. The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities expands our minds, strengthens our hopes and fills our hearts with supreme delight.” (Neptune 11H).

As a true visionary (Neptune in waning semi-square Pluto and Jupiter 12H in balsamic semi-sextile Pluto), and citizen of the world (3rd Ind.), Tesla was one of the first people on the planet to become concerned with the depletion of Earth’s natural resources, the finite supply of timber and coal. Tesla spent endless hours in contemplation, reviewing and replicating the findings of others, criticizing or improving upon their inventions (Mars ruler of NN conj. SN in 6H Libra), and also designing completely original devices (Pluto 1H & NN in Aries). He dedicated himself to devise electrical means for doing away with needless tasks of physical labor, so that humans could spend more time in creative endeavors (a noble vision of Jupiter in 12H balsamic Pluto).


With Mercury balsamic conj. Saturn in 3H and in waxing Septile Pluto, he spoke 9 languages, developed a phenomenal memory, and sharpened his logical mind to exceptional degree, outpacing his peers by far. By the time he completed his academic degrees in well-respected universities of Europe he’s got it all to make it an outstanding scientist.

After years of academic studies, practical work with Edison and Westinghouse, and interjecting with other researchers and scientists, Tesla consciously realized he enters the new evolutionary cycle of discovery and scientific breakthrough (Saturn 3H in exact waxing sextile Pluto). His isolation from external environment was very harmonious to the Soul, while uniquely new and individualistic parts of this new cycle of Saturn relative to Pluto were discovered. The conscious choices Tesla made in his life were critical for his soul evolution from cause-and-effect perspective, and Mars in waxing Bi-Septile Saturn helped him to accomplish that gargantuan task of keeping the outstanding resourcefulness.

Saturn in waxing inconjunct Chiron in 10H Aquarius can testify the personal doubts about the rightfulness of his path of that scientist-in-the-past introspection, taking on oneself the responsibility for a progress of society and being expelled by religious institution from that same society as a ’reward’ for his contribution. The regressive forces of his contemporary society and the ironclad rock of culture created deep wound to that soul, casting a heavy emotional regret on his

laid-in-vain scientific research, while being misunderstood by his very nation. In this life the wound took a different form.

As Tesla’s fame grew and reports of his successes made the headlines in their local papers, Tesla became a virtual demigod to the Serbian and Croatian people, and a noble, though distant benefactor to his family. “We think about you even in our dreams” one of his brothers-in-law wrote to Nikola. The bittersweet sensation of being an authority, the bearer of progress to his homeland, although distant, took over him many times. He could’ve returned home and assume the responsibility to advance his motherland on a path to electrification, with no foreigner-mentality barrier, but he simply didn’t see this possibility (Saturn in 3H Cancer inconjunct Chiron in Aquarius).

The path of self-discovery got narrower with Saturn in Novile aspect Uranus, and Tesla dedicated himself to electricity & magnetism. He explored the other areas of physics as well, as the drive is still outward, although he didn’t patent his discoveries (he was actually first to discover X-rays). The sense of the personal abilities and capacities is heightened and more conscious. The realization of a newfound purpose – to free human race from hard work - gets further shape - the electricity to the masses.

“The inventor had always been and always would be the light giver of the species, guiding its future through advanced technology. The masses, in turn, would benefit because machines would perform menial tasks so that they could pursue more intellectual occupations. With increased technology, cultural evolution would proceed at ever faster rates.”

The 7H Scorpio evolutionary lessons were in merging with important individuals on equal terms, with whom to save the humanity by blazing the new trails (NN 12H Aries) and ushering people into new emerging world of Era of Energy (Neptune & Pluto conjunction grand cycle). This could’ve been facilitated by bringing to people new systems that work in improved and different way relatively to the past, and by doing so changing the past (Mars, ruler of NN conj. SN in 6H). These systems were supposed to bring about equality, fairness and social balance (Mars in Libra), that could empower the society going forward (PPP in Scorpio).

Being in Individuated evolutionary state, the emphasis was given to harnessing physical laws of the Universe for the benefit of humankind. The perception was that once the progressive scientific research will find the way to harness the electro-magnetic power of nature - the era of progress and prosperity will begin (Neptune in 11H Pisces & Jupiter balsamic Pluto).

Alas, the history turned the other way, the technology of harnessing the electrical forces has gotten into the hands of greedy capitalists, skimming the cream of the progress in a diabolical run for more, and contributing to the rising influence of Aquarian elites and further polarization of capital. The knowledge of how to generate electricity efficiently is just a technology – who takes the ownership on this technology and for which ends – this is an open question to grapple with. Tesla eventually realized this simple truth, maturing for the next leap of consciousness.

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