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Pluto in Aquarius and Transhumanism (extended)

Updated: Apr 8

"A specter is haunting Europe—the specter of Communism” Karl Marx reloaded

It was all about Capitalism as a new world order, upon the last Neptune swim in its public pool called Pisces. Karl Marx has accurately predicted the natural progression of the human race at that time juncture, actually – accurately described what he already saw and felt in the overall collective space. Alas, not all collective processes occur naturally..

Let me bring this phrase forward to our modern times, before the ruler of collective consciousness comes out of a water to haunt some bright and hot minds in ️ with its unification ideas:

A ghost is haunting the Free World - a ghost of Transhumanism.

Nonetheless, this article is about Pluto.

Pluto's passage through Capricorn has left no stone, upon which the modern political structure was built, unturned. Since its ingress in 2008, the financial crisis of tremendous proportion, has almost thrown the most powerful country on earth – US, to its default. That coincided with the election of the first African-American president (the worst nightmare of Confederacy supporters), and subsequent reshape of the American international policy, a giant walkaway from Bush administration direction. During the Capricornian times, the framework for the future political and societal structures was building and still is in the process of setting in stone.

The upcoming Pluto in Aquarius ingress is going to accelerate that process, but in such unexpected ways, that any predictions may be off. What is certain however, the evolutionary forces will prevail, as always, and the resistance to it will prove futile.

The current Evolutionary wave is about a mass awakening to emancipation of Individualism and the liberation of a modern society from the past limitations. The way of it is quite revolutionary, in all meanings of the word. For example, where does the term Industrial Revolution (IR) come from? After all - no power changed hands during its onset, and no revolt took place, just some steam engine was invented... and still, the term sticks to what happened during last passage of Pluto through and accelerated during the previous Pluto in Aquarius cycle (1777 – 1798). The IR started pretty unnoticed politically, but it changed the very way of life for humans on earth. And once the lightbulb of innovation extinguishes the surrounding darkness - there's no way back.

The industrial peak was reached in the West in 20th century and the torch of a global manufacturer passed to China and India. Their economies are also peaking now, but the Industrial Revolution is over, and the new type of Revolution is coming.. some call it IR 4.0, some - Chips & Science, but more about it later.

The theme of the liberation upon the last Pluto tornado-like entrance into was independence from the imperial grip of the British empire on American colonies.

Europe back then was heavily tri-coloured with liberty (blue), equality (white), and fraternity (red) of the French Revolution (ironically, these colors dominate now, only in horizontal orientation).

In my humble prognosis, this iteration of Pluto in will mark the emancipation of any minority, any self-definition from any oppression, inequality or discrimination. I know, that sounds like a bombastic liberal slogan, but please bear with me)).

Some will argue that such emancipation is not even possible within the Constitutional parameters around the globe, even in most ' progressive ' countries. Agreed, however - have you noticed the rise of civil debates on the subject in many countries these days? BTW, France just joined the long queue of countries with constitutional crisis.

Is there any normalcy or business-as-usual in opening up the very foundations of a country in 21st Century?!

That is a separate discussion, but for the sake of this topic - the world became significantly complex and the growing consensus is building up towards one conclusion - it's time to upgrade Constitutions around the globe. And this is exactly what Pluto in mandate is.

Interestingly, the very tenets of the American Dream were ingrained within the Declaration of Independence on the eve of prior ingress of Pluto in . It took many more years to shape 'We the people' as base tenets into its final form, as Pluto plowed through . Back then the Laws of the New World were considered as bold liberal and egalitarian agenda to abide by ( does it sound familiar now?)

The upcoming disruptive innovation is going to break the very structure our society was based upon for more than 200 years. As much as the last cycle has created Capitalism, the new cycle will bring about it's downfall by upgrading it to something more advanced.

Colonialism - Capitalism - what's next? Socialism, you say? Well, it's a dirty and loaded word today.. whatever it's called - it will definitely be driven by social causes. Unprecedented rise of social networks proves that the social value is a better capital than fiat money or securities hoarding. Something is happening in the richest circles of America and Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos - all recently pledged enormous chunks of their fortunes to social causes. That doesn't take place on its own - the social sentiment toward polarization of capital 99% - 1% shifts slowly, but surely. If Obama would propose to tax wealthy Americans in 2013, he'd probably be eaten alive, but Biden at-tempting the very thing in 2023 can actually get away with it. Speaking about rich - who's going to be affected most in post-Pluto-Return in the 2nd House ️ in America? The Karmic time is not over yet, as transiting Pluto enters the karmic range between 27 Capricorn and 6 Aquarius South Node, with more unfinished business to process. IMHO, the recent wave of Bank failures in US is a part of this Karmic outplay on the backdrop of Saturn in Pisces (Chaos). Algorithmic Stablecoins - the new gold standard of the digital Age is the cure to a failing fiscal policy, and not much time may pass before banks will be rendered redundant to the system. Again, it might sound far fetched, but a possibility of riding a steam locomotive wasn’t even conceived in middle of 18th century.

Here's one of the questions the humanity started to entertain itself in - is it ethical to consider the highest profit at all costs, as a classic business model during the Capitalism time? Or in US - is it a true American Dream, or it’s time to reload this dream? (Neptune opposition to itself in US chart).

Another question is - whether this time we'll watch the Second American Revolution unravel? The king of Chaos is out of the woods again, and many are spellbound by the trump-et of this pied piper. Yes, we’re in a much-balanced and stable place, comparing to a state of the world before, so whatever civil unrest we experience these days won’t necessarily burst out into a physical confrontation. But the world deeply divided we do have and both Pluto and Neptune roll up their sleeves to deal with it. Left or right, democrat or conservative - all want to live well and enjoy life. is the symbol of individuality and affects the outliers (statistical term) more than others. So, both extreme left and right will pursue the same goal, from opposing directions.

What I'm trying to say is that during the two decades of Pluto in there will be no such thing as the centre - one is either a unique individual, or an amorphous mass of static mainstream mentality. It's perceived in that centrists are the adults in the room, they’re rational and can pragmatically compromise to keep the flanks together, however there's nothing to compromise in Aquarius, it's a matter of individuality in the pursuit of happiness and the values of a community.

And it's like a difference between a Society and a Community. Society makes laws for all layers of population, and citizens of the country become subjects to these laws within one's jurisdiction. Community () is two steps removed from this situation, with the first step being a conscious choice of a member to be part within a circle of likeminded individuals, upholding the same values; and the second - a stance what they will not accept in their community. And these steps will safeguard the communal life within the boundaries of self-chosen set of laws and rules of engagement, vs. imposed from above one-size-fits-all regulations of .

Aquarius will say - if you don't like it - that's fine, you don't have to subscribe to it.

Are you against abortion? Find the Community that won't have it under any circumstances, and watch your wife deliver you children, one by one. But you won't dictate your will to other Communities that have it written as a first principle of basic human right.

Proud to be a gay? Fine, your chosen LGBTQ community will respect and support your orientation, but don't parade in front of religious fundamentalists.

Are you ultra-Orthodox and make a life decision to serve God in ways outlined in the bible or other sacred scriptures? And you firmly believe that God will provide for you as you pray and serve God? Excellent! … just please don't impose it on your neighbor. Don't like your secular neighbors? No problem, find a religious community that upholds your beliefs and values. This way you can 'love your neighbor as yourself'. It's simply fair to yourself and others and there's no need to fight. More than that – there’s no judgement ().

If you don't want to pay taxes - it's okay, you just won't receive the corresponding services.

Self-regulation will become the name of the game, with automatic and impartially-incorruptible algorithms embedded to control any industry, population group or business model.

The humanity collectively bulldozed the path of technological advancement as a way of evolutionary growth, in expense to the promise of a natural human design and many magical properties our dormant faculties hold in sacred treasure. Technology is just one of the ways toward the liberated future, but the liberated it will be. Elon Musk predicted his Optimus droid would usher in a new era, the “age of abundance” where the only goods and services not available essentially for free are those we consciously choose to make scarce. That prediction advocates for the Basic Income and the ‘abolition’ of incorporated modern-day-slavery (9-to-5 hell, ) and rising above the survival level. Just a side notion – in the light of the above, is a debate over pension age even relevant? But transiting Pluto crossed the Asc of Macron and a powerful surge forces him to act on instinct, not rationally at all.. as a result he might find himself in a totally different life situation.. but I digress 😊

Let's quickly rewind our civilization back to the very metaphorical time of its inception - the Genesis chapter. Being expelled from the Garden of Eden 'to eat your bread by the sweat of your brow' (apologies for not being literal here) was the way of life since then till our days.. well, electric devices and appliances helped our life not to be so brute, but still – humans were forced to sweat one’s way through life... Will the Genesis chapter come to its conclusion with introduction of robots-helpers of various kinds? It might be like finding the way back to Paradise - after all, human dignity, and the immeasurable value of human life in contrast to static robotic existence deserve the privilege of an elite league, don't you think? Although dealing with a subhuman level raises serious moral and ethical questions already about our future interactions with bots, some people argue it's nice to feel a bit like god, or some supreme being with consciousness, higher emotions and power of the mind!

Just imagine - when we get there, the only thing we'll have to grapple with - is our own BOREDOM. Well, it's not easy to claim the god within, and despite the prospect of many wearing that ROBE-OF-DOOM during Aquarian time, Pluto in Pisces will deal with these disillusionments and disintegration of life as we know it in the post 2044 reality.

That's where polarity – Leo will provide the cure - in the time of Aquarius be Leo-creative and dance like nobody’s watching! However, will change the very definition of what being creative means.. in our modern society it is considered as the ability to generate original and innovative ideas within the established pathways of self-expression and a subsequent industrial or business application. Those unique ideas are used to create something new or to solve problems, and it involves combining existing concepts, ideas, or materials in a novel way to produce something that is new, useful, and valuable. All that is within the reach of AI, to which we become increasingly aware. So, will you compete with AI based journalism, where robots able to compose a good quality article, essay, and poetry in seconds (ChatGPT or Bard), draw a stunning picture or compose a beautiful song? We’re getting closer to the world were some standard mainstream opinions won’t tickle anyone’s synapses. The human creativity will spread in thousand & one directions that never had a chance to emerge during Genesis survival chapter of our evolution.

What can we do that robots can't - will be the question for the next few generations, especially for Uranus-Neptune mutual reception generation (2003-2011).

One the large scale, the way of each country to go forward is through creativity principle of , and autocracies or dictatorships simply don't induce the proper conditions for creativity to blossom. Only liberal democratic States foster creative expression in the supportive environment of a free Enterprise. That’s why democracy vs. autocracy is the main theme on the global stage, where leaders of both try to package the future in be box of their current reality in the last degrees of Capricorn.

It's hard to perceive the changes the technological disruption is going to bring to our society. Millennials just can't fathom how their parents lived without internet and smart phones.. that's true, we've saw enormous progress in the last few decades, and it changed our lifestyle, but what's coming during Pluto in is going to change the very world order, the underlying structure of our society!

Now, one elephant-in-the-room issue needs to be addressed at this point. Throughout the known history of this civilization humans had to compete with each other – for scarce resources, for a better place under sun, for a public recognition of ‘success’. While we got used to this idea as a way of life, there’s no reference (not even in Genesis), that ‘the One above’ tasked us with competition – we chose it among ourselves. The presence of robots will deem this unfortunate condition as pointless. Besides – would you find it productive or even a good taste to compete with bots?

Another major question the governments around the globe contemplate -

De-globalization vs Re-globalization. IMHO it’s neither – the answer is De-centralization. One by one governments invest into blockchain technology to protect their currency via CBDC, but it might boomerang and help grow the beast that will swallow our current financial system … am I going too far here? .. banks as an entity existed less than 400 years, while barter was around for thousands of years, so what makes you think bank is a permanent feature of our society?

We used to think about our world as a bunch of countries divided by borders. This iteration Pluto may deem it unnecessary and associate it by values they uphold. There might rise virtual communities as well, with no physical border whatsoever, but clearly defined digital presence with virtual boundaries.

One of the cherries on top of a pie is the 'Immortality as a Service', meaning the rich and powerful can extend the lifespan by replacing body parts (including heart), while some exclusive clinics will be busy curing their diseases for a fortune. While some spiritual mind can utter – ‘what a pitiful and feeble attempt to protect and extend one's Ego, what an overidentification with one's status and material possessions!’ – not all souls are born equal with the same State of Consciousness and each one is rooted in their own value system. All is good and these ‘health’ expenditures will help to finance various Community needs.

On a personal level, Pluto in Aquarius is the time of Individuality and forging your own unique path, unlike anybody else, so the typical answers are not applicable. The ones, objectively observing their seemingly bizarre or weird traits of character, that they can’t explain even to themselves (individuated unconscious) – will fare well during these two decades. Because each one of us stands on the patch of diamonds and sees it not, conditioned by the general acceptances and norms of the society (). Stepping above the general habitual living will boost one’s creativity and zest for life!

Happy Aquarius season my friends, let your uniqueness define you!

And join others of kind on the beautiful Greek Island for the AstroYoga Retreat exploration!

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