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Pluto in Aquarius and Transhumanism

The upcoming Pluto in Aquarius ♒ ingress, that just took place on Mar 23, is going to accelerate the process of massive social change and transformation of the very fabric of reality. The current evolutionary wave is going to set in motion a mass awakening of collective consciousness, emancipation of individualism and the liberation of a modern society from the past limitations. The way of it is quite revolutionary, in all meanings of the word. “Everything, everywhere, all at once” – the title of the latest Oscar winning movie seems to fit the bill of describing this transit. Let’s take it item by item through the WWW.WH method – the What, When, Where, Why and How of this empowering time.


Upon this iteration of the Pluto in Aquarius, we should expect the emancipation of any minority, group or self-definition from any oppression, inequality, or discrimination from the majority or other groups.

The upcoming disruptive innovation is going to break the very structure that our society was based upon for more than 200 years. As much as the last cycle has created Capitalism, the new cycle will bring about it's downfall by upgrading it to something more advanced. Colonialism - Capitalism - what's next? Socialism, you say? Well, it's a loaded word today.. whatever it's called - it will be driven by social causes. Unprecedented rise of social networks proves that the social value is not less of a capital than money hoarding. Something is happening in the richest circles of America and Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos - all recently pledged enormous chunks of their fortunes to social causes. That doesn't take place on its own - the social sentiment toward polarization of capital 99% - 1% shifts slowly, but surely. President Biden proposed the legislation to tax the rich, quite an unprecedented move.

Immersion of the Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives is going to accelerate to the point where virtually all industries and areas of life will be affected by robotization and automated to a degree where bots will eventually replace human workers. The Universal Income is inevitable and all disputes about the pension age will become irrelevant. We deserve to live above the survival level simply by the dignity of being human and as a mark of appreciation of human life. The ability to rise above the needs to survive will free us to a much higher and anticipated creative potential as a humanity - a special project in this Milky Way galaxy.

Another change we’ll most likely to witness is the constitutional upgrade around the world. Suddenly, the constitutional and judicial reforms were brought up into a light in many countries.

Creation of the Central Banks was a precursor to the Industrial Revolution, started around the previous visit of Pluto in Aquarius. The recent wave of Bank failures in US and Europe might be a part of this entity coming to the end of its cycle, on the backdrop of Saturn in Pisces (Chaos).

Many scientists and cryptocurrency experts claim that Algorithmic Stablecoins - the new gold standard of the digital Age is the cure to a failing fiscal policy, and not much time may pass before banks will be rendered redundant to the system.


In order to forecast the potential future, it’s wise to take a look at the past and see the outplay of this dynamic upon the last iteration. The previous Pluto in Aquarius cycle was during 1777 – 1798.

In this short period of our world history, American people won the War of Independence from the imperial grip of the British empire on American colonies. Not many expected this to become a reality. Then they created the Declaration of Independence, which was shaped up during Pluto in Aquarius to the current constitution of US for the next more than 200 years.

French Revolution also happened during this period – a new phenomenon, something completely unexpected by French monarchy.

It's interesting that Uranus, the ruler planet of Aquarius, was discovered in 1781, as if humanity was ready to meet this disruptive and innovative planetary energy.

This cycle of Pluto in Aquarius is going to take place between:

March 23, 2023 - June 11, 2023

January 20 – September 1, 2024

November 19, 2024 – March 8, 2043

August 31, 2043 – January 19, 2044


This transpersonal transit is going to affect the entire humanity, as we are now so interconnected on many levels, becoming ‘one global village’. The very definition of ‘where’ might transmute into something else, as the current fabric of a society begins to change and reform before our eyes, so the future map may become unrecognizable for a contemporary observer, by 2044.


The modern world order is outdated – it doesn’t work for 99% of the global population of 8 billion living on Earth. Here's one of the questions the humanity started to entertain itself, while Pluto was in Capricorn ♑ since 2008 - is it ethical to consider the highest profit at all costs, as a classic business model, perceived during the Capitalism? Or is it a time to redesign these business models to become more sustainable?

The human race has structured the world as many countries with physical borders, drawn by nationality principle or some historic factors. That division doesn’t really work anymore, as we have grown into an international global community. And it's like a difference between a Society and a Community. Society makes laws for all layers of population, and citizens of the country become subjects to these laws within one's jurisdiction. Community (♒) is two steps removed from this situation, with the first step being a conscious choice of a member to be part within a circle of likeminded individuals, upholding the same values; and the second - a stance on what they will not accept in their community. And these steps will safeguard the communal life within the boundaries of self-chosen set of laws and rules of engagement, vs. imposed from above one-size-fits-all regulations of ♑.

For example, Aquarius will say - if you don't like it - that's fine, you don't have to subscribe to it. Are you against abortion? Find the Community that won't have it under any circumstances, and watch your wife deliver you children, one by one. But you won't dictate your will to other Communities that have it written as a basic human right. Proud to be a gay? Fine, your chosen LGBTQ community will respect and support your orientation, but don't parade in front of religious fundamentalists. Are you ultra-Orthodox and make a life decision to serve God in ways outlined in the bible or other sacred scriptures? And you firmly believe that God will provide for you as you pray and serve God? Excellent! … just please don't impose it on your neighbour. Don't like your secular neighbours? No problem, find a religious community that upholds your beliefs and values. This way you can 'love your neighbour as yourself'. It's simply fair to yourself and others and there's no need to fight. More than that – there’s no judgement (♑).

If you don't want to pay taxes - it's okay, you just won't receive the corresponding services. Self-regulation will become the name of the game, with automatic and impartially-incorruptible algorithms embedded to control any industry, population group or business model.

The humanity collectively bulldozed a path of technological advancement as a way of evolutionary growth, at the expense of natural human design and many magical, still dormant faculties locked in sacred treasure and waiting to be unearthed. Technology is just one of the ways toward the liberated future, but the liberated it will be regardless. Elon Musk predicted his Optimus droid would usher in a new era, the “age of abundance” where the only goods and services not available essentially for free are those we consciously choose to make scarce. That prediction advocates for the Universal Income and the ‘abolition’ of incorporated modern-day-slavery (9-to-5 hell, ♑), rising above the survival level.


Specifically – how to prepare. What can you do to be ready for the upcoming changes (not necessarily in the following order).

ü Joining a Community of likeminded people, that gets prepared for self-sustainability and financial resilience. The keys to being a part of conscious Community – a personal responsibility and most importantly – a passion or a calling to be a contributor to Community in self-elected field of activity.

ü Invest in a cryptocurrency of your choice (worth to research the topic prior to investing).

ü Find a personal creativity that goes beyond static-robotic level of existence.

ü See yourself as a spiritual being, having a human experience here, on Earth.

ü Do not resist and rather uphold and be a part of the upcoming changes, as resistance is futile and the Evolution will prevail.


And for the savvy astrologers out there I’ve attached the chart of Pluto ingress into

The long-awaited visit of the Lord of the underworld into egalitarian coincided with the beginning of the astrological year – the Spring Equinox and synchronized with the Lunar cycle's onset symbolize a mark of inception of the super-significant cycle ahead.

A quick look at the chart of Pluto ingress into progressive at the time of the dawn on Mar 24 (in Europe) shows the world divided. All planets including Pluto (unseen agenda) situated in one half of the chart, and South Node, the Dragon tail, the outdated agenda, and the regressive forces of the past - on another.

Remember the dragon tail episode in the Lord of the rings saga? It's dangerous to the last moment and shouldn't be underestimated.

After all, apparently the fairy tales of our childhood, spelling the battle of good and evil were not that off from reality..

The light is winning, however it won't be too easy, as our collective past doesn't intend to give up its positions..

Hope the light inside will shine bright for you in this charged Spring season!

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