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a trumpet of a new epoch or delusional conman?

no matter which camp one belongs to, all agree - the MAGA purpose of unprecedented president was achieved: "Make America Greatly Altered"

Note: this articles was written back in spring 2020, prior to Elections. 

Before delving into this unorthodox chart analysis, I asked myself a few questions that I hoped would pour light on this nonpareil, and provide some satisfactory answers, objectively and with no judgement:

1. What we know about him from anti-trump camp: racist, sociopath, xenophobic, pathological liar, delusional, divisive, sexist, vindictive, professional victim etc. If all that is true, how can he get away with it, consistently? And how, after all that was said and done during his 1st tenure so far, he has a very real chance of re-election?

2. And how you explain the Republican monolithic support behind him, regardless of anything he is and he’s done, and especially bringing his ‘divisive’ rhetoric to the ground? (meaning monolithic and divisive are two opposites...)

3. A similar, but different question – why conservatives consider him as

‘chosen by God’? (that’s quite outlandish statement, isn’t it.. therefore phenomenal by nature..)

Rectification of birthtime

According to AstroBank, his birthtime is 10:54 AM.

That will place Mars in 12th House, Moon in 4th House and Sun in 10th House.

Let's consider it for a moment:

1. Mars – can it be empty? Never did I see in my entire life a person so FULL of himself, making choices and expressing oneself in so unchecked, instinctual way! It must be in the beginning of the personal Zodiac, not in the end! It must be right on Asc. to be so fiery spontaneous, with ‘everything goes’ attitude. The actions are so unplanned, that it could be said he acts on behalf of something unseen (end of 12H). In a way, many times he “knows not what he’s doing”, by acting on instinct (he often tells about his “gut feeling” in regards to most complex presidential decisions).

2. Moon – does Donald come across as shy, not sure of himself hyper-sensitive guy? He does have his emotional moods and sensitivities and you could say he’s many times rather emotionally immature (for example refusing to shake hands with Angela Merkel on press-conference). However, one can’t ignore the other side of his emotional conduct – his family adores him and he truly loves them. He can be intensely dramatic, play games (even in senior age), having magnetic and powerful love affairs, and having fun in general :) . The Sagittarius placement doesn’t cut it, so you must place it at least on the cusp of 5th House (to leave him the right for vindictive moods of 4th House :)

3. Sun – could it possibly be in 10th House? Does he truly represent the Capricorn Archetype? Come on now… can he be even more challenging the status quo, as his public image demonstrates, while being 3rd Consensus evolutionary state? Is there more acute example of de-conditioning from the traditional cultural ways of doing things? You can argue that his Uranus in 10th House doing that, but still – does he come across as very responsible, holding-emotions-in-check mature individual, basing his conduct on set-in-stone-roles accepted by society? That is simply NOT Trump. His Sun rightfully belongs in 11th House – eccentric and unpredictable, sometimes bizarre or outright weird individual, as the 3rd Consensus state can only be.

4. Saturn is the last planet to consider, being in questionable position – 11th or 12th House? I’d leave it on the cusp actually, as his reality-base could be attributed to both archetypes. On one hand, he just can’t allow himself to be an ‘ordinary guy’, feeling responsibility to show his uniqueness in every corner. He’s taking time for social interactions, but also not minding to be alone (as long as he can tweet :) He’s strongly associated with high class and the powerful American elite. On the other hand, denying obvious reality and overwhelmed with illusionary and delusional alter-reality places his Saturn on at least the cusp of 12th House.

(current addition, May 2021: the Capitol riot has demonstrated the preciseness of cusp of 12th House location - seeding mass chaos in an authoritarian manner (12H), while at the same time detached from reality-on-the-ground way (11H).

Based on all the above, I’d rectify his birthtime to June 14, 1946 at 10:31AM, 23 minutes earlier.


From EA perspective, the Pluto placement in 12th House Leo shows the prior desires of the Soul as delusion of grandeur and over-identification with one aspect of oneself - feeling like self-styled god, who are able to create and destroy reality at will. The underlying emotional security based in the sense of self-importance, and subsequent fear of losing it, forces him to prevent it by all costs. The emptiness of the last house is frightening, feeling inside as if he stands on a precipice in front of a darkest abyss that he must jump into to evolve, but is scared to death to make a step forward. Behind him are the glowing lights of the big city, the entourage he's used to and so familiar with in the past. The glamour of its illusive luminosity isn't that attractive to Trump, but the fear of jumping into abyss of unknown, losing with it his grandeur, while acknowledging his 'nothingness' from the universal perspective is so formidable that his Soul can't even consider seriously. And so he makes comeback to the big city, as the unbearable void needs to be filled with vanity. And so the invisible and unknown forces of 12th House, in a very non-linear way grant him the ‘soulful’ ability to create reality from nothing, out of fear of nothingness. Reaching the last House, this Soul knows the types of fear that exist in the houses before, he can identify them and therefore manipulate people, harnessing those ‘real’ from their perspective irrational fears and worries.

12H also is the actor of the Zodiac, playing out the over-identification with one aspect of oneself – the chosen One to “make America great again”.

Since Mars is in New Phase to Pluto, it suggests this is the first major life of the Soul in the 12th House – 6th House dynamic. The separating forces abound and tip the scales toward gathering of experience and exhausting the separating desires. In this empty from anything-material House, the only temptation is to identify with powers defying the reality as we know it. That’s the only stronghold to grab for the Soul, standing on precipice, fearing the abyss and turning to the light of known and experienced. Sun, ruling that Pluto, in stellium with North Node of the Moon and Uranus, point to the position of the

most powerful man on Earth, as perceived by the world mainstream –

the President of United States. He already been there and done that. Since evolutionary forces are weak (see in Appendix), he’s allowed to over-identify with master of propaganda and demagogy he was before, and carry out the deceptions (Sun-North Node-Uranus in Gemini), mass delusions & illusions, and catering to powerful elites, while being under their protection.

Interesting, that during almost the entire first Presidential Campaign, transiting Neptune was in waning inconjunct to his Pluto, with half of people refusing to see the possibility of him winning the power, while the other half hypnotized by his ‘charisma’, sheer thrust to break all norms to win, and unchecked drive to do what he’s up to (Mars on Asc.)

SOUTH NODE (SN) in 5th House cusp Sagittarius with ruler Jupiter in 2nd House Libra.

Tied with Moon in the 5th House cusp Sagittarius, South Node of Trump is the bottomless pit of love and adoration, in ever-expanding and gregarious way, which helps him to win people over and use them in his own larger-than-life schemas (Jupiter in 2H Libra).

Born in opposition – Lunar eclipse, with one side of humanity seeing only his negative side, while his family, inner circle of partners, his Administration and his political party – seeing him as victorious strong leader, the “chosen one”. He came to divide, no doubt. Why – we’ll see later. The firm belief in one’s greatness rooted in this automatic emotional reactivity (conj. Moon) and helps him to withstand any personal attacks and undermining. You either with him, or against him. If you happen to be in the first camp, he won’t share the deeply personal truths with you, but if you belong to ‘my people’ – he’ll open up emotionally and extend the creative loving vibes he carries inside with them (Moon wide quintile Neptune, and according to his consensus understanding what love is). He naturally accepts adulation and welcomes it, attracting other consensus people to ‘their king’. Deeply engrossed in nationalism (SN on cusp of 5th with leftovers of 4th House and Saturn in Cancer), he ideologically endorses his ancestral roots - white supremacy (although not directly admitting it).

The emotional rabble-rouser is the fruition that’s practiced in the past and brought into this life(Moon on SN). He’s gut feeling for the emotionally biased personal truths of people is on constant radar like the eye of Sauron, ready to make conspiracy-theories-like-statements, if enough people believe it. ‘Truth’ here is the product of belief and can be exploited for gain (2nd H Jupiter).

The self-indulgence and self-righteousness of SN knows no bounds, making countless headlines around the globe, which pumps up his deep-seated emotional need for self-importance.

Mars as subjective will of the Soul - new phase Pluto - first major life at this particular soul dynamic 12H – 6H. The separating desires by far outnumber the returning desires and the agenda for exhausting the delusion of grandeur is set. The Soul is intending to make a leap of faith in to the next state of consciousness at some other life, but for now the discovery of self-importance (Pluto-Mars in Leo) is the top of priorities. This burning desire is unchecked in its expression (also with Mars on Asc.) and as instinctual as it can be. Despite the continuous advice from his inner circle to hold his actions in check, he claims again and again he is restraining himself, and his frustration that people don’t see it is so self-inducing!

Ruled by Sun in waning sextile to Mars, the new creative identity is revealed, with purpose easily made in this harmonious juncture - his glorious above-all-lifestyle and unprecedented presidency.

As a part of the stellium Sun-North Node-Uranus, and positioned in 11th House, the life purpose is to de-condition from the status-quo of existing reality. The progressive catering to the powerful Aquarian elite and the ruling party (stellium is partially in 10th House) will bring him to the position of power in higher echelons of government (North Node in 10th ). The mass deception will be achieved through the media of “anti-establishment” propaganda, directed at “change of order”, “cleaning the swamp in Washington” and “establishing the rule of law”. This is accomplished via unprecedented (“unpresidented”) measures, which are unpredictable and mostly undeclared in advance, with a freedom of unexpected changes on the go (11th House).

In regards to demagogy – with Gemini flavor comes the realm of facts and opinions. All opinions are equal and can be brought up for discussion, even if there’s no evidence to back it up – it doesn’t matter, as long as some sources reference something, even based in conspiracy theories. It has nothing to do with the phenomenon of truth. Now, everybody can say whatever they want (freedom of speech), at the risk of losing credibility and being alienated/isolated/ridiculed in public. More than that, no president in the history of US was allowed to cross that line of complete disregard for facts. The question is how can he get away with it? What is his secret? The answer is in Pluto 12th House, so difficult to grasp, being unseen and often even unsensed. As his base declared - "chosen by God" (the god of disinformation...check the historical example of such god prior to him).

Sun conjunct North Node(NN) is the ruler of Pluto, effectively connecting the past of that Soul with the future. He knows how to manipulate with facts and opinions, he did it before. All his derogatory and abusive remarks are intentional and deliberate, aimed at arousing all people (11th House cusp & conjunct Uranus), even the ‘hibernating bears’ :)

With Moon in 5th House, narcissistic me-in-the-center-of-universe attitude rules three other planets – Mercury (ruler of NN), Saturn and Venus, making the emotional reactivity to life the predominant force in personal interactions, all structures of life and any relationships. The personal beliefs are uttered with powerful self-conviction (Moon in Sag), from any podium, as if it is a statement of objective truth.

The love to play and having fun is built-in to the personality, no matter the age. The bottomless pit of adoration can contain any audience, no matter how big, and he’s used to it, being adulated in prior lives (conj. SN 5th cusp), and exuberant sycophancy at every turn. But the opposite emotional attitudes toward him are met with sulky childish resentment (partially 4th House).

The endearment to his children and their mutual love and respect to father stand in stark contrast to his cold and abrasive attitude to those trying to undermine him (opposition Sun &Uranus). His derisive remarks about the political enemies are quite hit-on, arousing negativity toward the target from trumpists.

The wide Last-Quarter square of Mercury to Jupiter (and Neptune), the crisis in consciousness, might be perceived as A.D.D, or a very short attention span, when in reality it’s an attitude of discounting a meaningless linear understanding – when his advisors starts explaining something – intuitively he already knows the bottom-line of the message and wants to move on (Pluto in 12H).

Venus, another ‘cancerous’ planet ruled by Moon, but it carries totally different flavor. Balsamic to Pluto and positioned in 12th House, the inner values are empty as they can be. The only value perceived is self-glorification, and it has to do with the future-self and any relationships can be looked at only in this light – can this person justify (last quarter square Jupiter in Libra) making effort to connect and deal with. No relationship is valuable in itself, except family (Cancer). “Yes, my family is important and is a part of my glory”. Any other ties can be discarded when it’s not needed anymore (Michael Cohen, Jeff Sessions).

With its ruler Moon in Bi-quintile to Venus, the original self-consistency,

self-nurturing and emotional response should be somehow connected with needs of others, and lots must be taken into account and analyzed for this connection to take place. And as the emotional security can only be found in beneficial relationships, the search for creative integration of one’s emotional vulnerabilities with the needs of others, who bring him goodies, continues.

On the other hand, Saturn gives Venus the carte blanche to relate in whatever way it finds emotionally gratifying, as long as it doesn’t limit one’s freedom and isn’t threatening one’s sense of self-importance. Anything goes, any type of relationships (even criminals, dictators, corrupted politicians, greedy corporate elite etc.)

With Jupiter in applying First Quarter Square Saturn, the crisis in action is on and is intensifying – something needs to be done to make the best deal and to skim the milk to the max of what it can be. “Other people have their agendas as well (Libra), but mine has stronger drive and ambition and I must do whatever it takes to get the best deal/contract/agreement possible, with whatever means. There is a social law, but deep inside I know that I’m above the law and all laws suppose to serve my ambitions”.

Waxing Trine Uranus – the phenomenon of trumpism includes the open-mindedness towards some unconventional and unordinary concepts and ideas, for example conspiracy theories. At the same time, the ease of changing his views and the supporting belief system, depending on situation, is outstanding. In fact, he’s overriding what is labeled as “right” or “correct” by American culture with his own definition of ethical or moral behavior, while putting one’s individual principles above the established ways of religion and society.

New phase Neptune, same House same Sign, the veil separating the collective mind from his intuitive mind is rather thin. His psyche is “open” to channeling ideas, visions, and perceptions in order to directly impart them to the his ideological repository. Trump is almost always in touch with this higher dimension of insight, although not understood, but perceived as God.

Being in Balsamic phase Pluto, the Saturn cycle of autocracy is about to be complete and new cycle starts to clear up in the front view. The concepts of authoritarian power structures and Machiavellian wisdoms of the consensus state are crystal-clear to the native, but new structure of consciousness is emerging, based on new experiences, having to do with emotional power (Cancer). Having understood that the power of manipulated emotion will override the power of knowledge/thought/spoken & written word almost anytime, it became the holy grail of his quest. And negative emotions can be stirred in people and directed to something/someone, when certain consciousness is cleverly constructed and applied. And professional victim attitude can be adapted to harness both guilt in perceived ‘attacker’ and blame and judgement of the perceived victim. Fully convinced that he holds the keys to timeless wisdoms (Balsamic phase, as understood by Consensus), he’s trying to put new formations on the ground in our time-space continuum and within American culture. These concepts won’t be generally understood, and people will consider this person strange and different – what does he try to establish here? For example: “Is he trying to extinguish one scandal by starting the next one?” Oftentimes his actions/messages/behaviour are self-inflicting, with many, even his supporters and advisors scratching their heads to the reason for this. The Moon waxing inconjunct to Saturn, while being its ruler, might pour some light on this phenomenon. Many times he’s automatic emotional reaction to external stimulus gets ahead of him and undermines his conscious attitude to matters of importance. Still, it doesn’t hurt him in a long run, and is even gathering momentum in the trumpism movement of reactionary nationalism. Why on Earth can Trumpism win?! There must be more than eye can see(12th House Pluto, coinciding with Pluto Return in US chart)…

The last Presidential Elections occurred with both transiting Saturn and progressed Moon crossing the Asc. on US chart, marking the VERY emotional 30 years political cycle. Is it coincidence this rabble-rouser Apprentice is leading the way?

Neptune in 2nd House Libra – the ideal of 3rd Consensus mind is to capitalize on illusions and delusions he can sell to people. “The Art of the Deal” book does just that (and the ‘art’ itself was a fake, as somebody else put all concepts together, while following Trump around).

My sense is that early in life Trump experienced a disillusionment through loss of natural values and beliefs, because of a perceived success by people who take advantage of others, probably with his father as an example(perhaps during Saturn’s passage over this Neptune). After the shift in values, his idealistic orientation in life became exactly this – taking advantage of others for self-gain. According to Trump

"success is measured through wealth"

The aspect Neptune makes to Pluto rather hints to his senior age, however what it points to is that his generation (73 ~ 84 years old) was closer to Septile, rather than Sextile… the fate element again, finding his ardent supporters among this age group. Isn’t it interesting phenomenon, that despite all historical accounts, this US Presidential Elections saw the aging candidates at the top (on both sides of the aisle, both genders).

Being Last-Quarter-Squared by Mercury, the ruler of NN, Neptune scrambles and scatters the thoughts, which interferes with channeled messages from the collective consciousness, and makes the native to repeat some phrases for the second time (2nd House - consolidation by repetition) or deliver incoherent talk. Still, his speeches have effect on various groups of people, while resembling a sort of delinquent stream of consciousness. The crisis in consciousness of “there must be more to words than a simple logic”, doesn’t lend itself to appreciation of eloquent talk, or intelligent oratory, it’s more about emotionally charged unorthodox (Mercury in 11H Cancer) popping up messages from collective unconscious space. It’s not that Trump always believes what he says, neither it’s important for him – the main point is that it resonates with the Collective Unconscious vector and has an emotion-charging effect. And he does have a profound emotional impact on masses – 12th House and Neptune are hard to understand, even though one might be aware of the fact… there’s more than eyes can see.


With PPP in 6th House Aquarius, a natural humility and progress of humanity is the ultimate Intent of this Soul, but with at least 7 more major lives to go in this dynamic (Mars in new phase Pluto), this feels like unattainable goal. In any case, a frivolous life of self-indulgence and self-importance gives the Soul all it needs to begin exhausting the separating desires on a largest scale possible (SN 5th Sag).


10th House Gemini, with ruler Mercury in 11th House Cancer

Trump phenomena represents the “last gasps of patriarchal distortions & Consensus society to control all aspects of life according to their perceptions and rules” . It also makes everything that isn’t right obvious for all to see.

With Sun (ruler of Pluto) and Uranus (ruler of PPP) in stellium, the significance of the NN increases at large scale! And it must be positive and serving humanity(NN) – so how can it express itself, when we observe the absolute opposite – lack of integrity, unprecedented levels of governmental propaganda and corruption, misinformation & disinformation and deliberate demagogy – all directed for mainstream? From the perspective of Aquarian elites(Uranus on NN and PPP in Aquarius), his message perhaps is full of integrity, progressive, goal oriented rightdoing (10th H). But there must be more than eye can see (Pluto in 12th). Trump himself, evangelical & conservative Christians, the Energy Secretary Rick Perry and presidential inner circles see him as ‘chosen by God to lead America’. It could be a laughable stock, but when large group of people believes in something, there must be a base for their beliefs in the first place, and then it becomes the real projected energy going forward. So what is the astrological base for such unusual and deep persuasion?

Well, with ruler of Pluto and ruler of PPP united in function - the past connected to the future. There must be some special destiny at play, and the ‘fate’ element could be found in aspect of Uranus to Pluto – the waning Septile. The unseen dynamics of 12th House Pluto can set the powerplay in motion on the mass scale (both Pluto & Uranus are transpersonal planets). That explains why he can get away with all that he did/didn’t, while still enjoying the popular support of Americans and monolithic backing of the ½ Senate. 12th House is hard to understand, rationally…

So, the question is, if this NN pours the water on the wheels of rich and powerful, how does it benefit the rest of the humanity? The answer is all around us - who else could galvanize such a variety of people of all walks of life together, and mobilize them against wrongdoing? You can’t be indifferent to this rabble-rouser – you’re either for him or against him, in a very emotional way (ruler of NN in Cancer). It does not matter what he says, although he knows what he says, as it serves a certain agenda (NN 10th) – to bring up bad & ugly in people, on both sides of the counter. He squeezes the negativity out of you as nobody else. He’ll make you personally involved. For example, if one is indifferent to taxation easement for rich, perhaps the matter of opening National monuments for drilling is closer to one’s heart. Or “grab them by the p****”. One way or another, everyone is affected by at least one of his public statements or Executive Orders. And if nothing makes them personally involved – it really shows who they are – the indifferent callous assholes, who will be forced by evolutionary forces to ever-increasing state of calamity, to bring the message home. In the end nobody will remain unemotional and apathetic by Trump.

current addition of May 2021 - if Capitol riot still doesn't make you decide which side you're on, wait for mid-term elections...)
Trump card is a wild card – he came summoned by our collective unconscious to proclaim the new Age of Aquarius (Uranus, the ruler of PPP on NN). Like the “silver trumpet of God’s redemption”, he came to stir things up, so that matters unmovable & unshakable before will move and shake (Uranus), the social issues noone dared to bring up, and the ugly inner nature of some groups could bubble up on the surface for all to see - to be shocked and appalled by. He’s legacy is to show the entire world what America really is and has become, in all its glory and ugliness, as a precursor to its Pluto Return. Is it a modern day fall of Rome? Mitt ROMnEy (N.Y Rome) couldn’t do it, and no other president could, so fast, so efficiently (PPP in 6th House). The only person that can compete with him on that front is Michael Moore 😊.


In summary then, analyzing Trump’s chart in association with the chart of United States, the trump card was summoned by a sum total American collective unconscious demands, as a precursor of Pluto Return in US to accelerate the pace of evolution, by increasing the contrast between opposing forces at play and waking people up. The balance of power is held by ‘sleeping’ population, that still didn’t quite make up their mind, mostly for apathy. In that light, the transiting Neptune squaring Karmic Axis during the elections and 2020/21 winter, emphasizing that an energetic collective separation started to take place...

The unfinished-business-issues of the past more than 240 years cycle since the country’s inception, that just a few years ago would’ve been considered ‘skeletons in the closet’ from the far past (Confederation, white supremacy, Native Americans apartheid, rights of people of color, immigrants, women(abortion), LGBT etc.), resurface back to public awareness to be resolved.

Would he be re-elected? The answer to that question is with the ‘hibernating folks’, as the evolutionary requirement is waking all up, prior to launching the next avant-garde cycle of the Nation and advancing into the new Age.


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